For some reason I am sending all the wrong signals in all directions.

It doesn't matter really because at the end of the day, I always go to bed with a clear conscience. It isn't how the world sees me, it is how I see myself. (YAWN! Borrrrrrrrrrring rhetoric .. don't you think?)

What crap!! We all know and understand that it is how we project ourselves and how other people perceive us that dictate who we are in this shallow hypocritical existence called life. Reality doesn't matter here and what you think of yourself isn't an issue. You could be the most perverted dick to walk the Earth on all three legs and still be accepted as the meekest of all lambs or be the most chaste of all humans and yet be labelled a slut. It is how you portray yourself and in this area, I suppose I am my biggest enemy. (STRETCH! Everyone knows that.. Can't I come with something new?)

PUKE! I am just borrrrred... Plain and simple borrrrred. I am fed up of the fucking Canadian winter. I am tired of the snow. I am tired of dirty boots and the stains of salt and slush all over my flooring. I am tired of cleaning and washing and mopping and cooking. I am exhausted with the politics and dirty games in Bahrain. haha.. a military training camp was found in a farm in Bahrain! LOL!!!! And the recruits were taught how to throw stones at riot police and damage property. This is what the GDN said about it today:


MANAMA: Police have smashed a training camp for militants in Bahrain, it was revealed last night.
A farm in Bani Jamra was being used to train youngsters to riot against police, throw stones and hurl firebombs (Molotov cocktails) at police vehicles besides damaging private and public property.
The information came to light after police detained a masked youngster carrying a Molotov cocktail in Janabiya avenue at the entrance to Bani Jamra village.
The Karanah resident led police to a second suspect in Abu Saiba.
Both confessed to taking part in riots, sabotage and arson, said Northern Governorate Police Director Colonel Adel Al Fadhel.
They also led police to the farm where, they said, a masked man trained nearly 35 youngsters, aged between 20 and 25, in the use of firebombs. Police also found a box full of bottles ready to be used as firebombs.
Youngsters at the farm did not know each other but the training was strictly scheduled.

The Intifada (no disrespect for the Intifada) has come to town? Look.. I have a great idea, which in Mahmood's vocabulary qualifies as a brainfart:

Let's fence off all the villages with a brick wall. A high one please. Then give those villagers cards and have crossings through which they can cross to the rest of Bahrain. Also, relocate all the Shias to the villages. After all, that is where most of them have originally come from.

What do you think?


BT said...

Give peace a chance.

Cerebralwaste said...

I think you need a trip down to Boston is what I think. Now pack your and the good Doc's bags and blaze the trail!!!

Living Away said...

i think we could start a club! what do you think of this name:
"fed up snow white and the 2 bored expatriate"

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