Happy Valentine's everyone. May this Valentine bring love and warmth (you can tell from the picture above that I now live in a real freezer and am dying for warmth) for everyone I know and love! For those I don't know, since I don't know you, you are included in my wishes. You could be good people and I really do hope you find love and peace. For those I don't like: I hope you rot in hell. There aren't many people I don't like.. but those I can't swallow are the real repulsive type we should all join hands and expel to Siberia or even Canada in winter!

Jokes aside, I can't wait for my roses, chocolate and expensive gift from hubby this year too! hint hint hint! (I know I am not that materialistic and I know that you shower me with love and gifts all year round.. but whether it is an infidel's celebration or not.. I love celebrating Valentine's and our love - snow storm or not!)

Off topic:
I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with the weather today.. but from the size of snow flakes falling and the strong winds... and then a few seconds of silence and a clear sky.. I am starting to believe that weather is a woman suffering from extreme PMS!!

Back on track:
Whatever is the case.. and even if the sky falls.. or the roads are closed.. or we get snowed under.. rain or shine will not ruin my Valentine!!


Liliane said...

Hope you got the flowers and chocolate! Chocolate is sure something we ladies love to get everyday ;)

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