I don't know what's better: to be a hypocrite or a wanker?

I don't mean to put it this way but the truth is that hypocrites annoy me more than wankers do. I mean while wankers will only perhaps slightly go blind, the other jerks will come out with more aliments than Grey's Anatomy's writers can come up with. Oops...and beware Izzy might come after you with the drill.. never mind.

In fact, hypocrites, creepy climbers and those assholes who walk around with a chip on their shoulders acting like fucking morality police annoy me the most.

Dear fuckers,
If you don't like what you see and hear FUCK OFF!

This is specifically directed to the Anons who replied to the previous post.. which is nothing more than a frivolous conversation between two friends: which had a lot of wit, fun and (in keeping
with the spirit of this blog) silliness in it. It won't change the fact that old men who wear a religious cloak are perverts, that people wank and that everyone lies and says he's/she's never done it. Of course, you haven't! The cucumbers just mysteriously disappeared from the salad!!

What you fucking hypocrites should understand is to have any sexual feelings is only human. People get sexually attracted to one another. People get horny. And people love to get laid: it is called love-making in more gentile circles.

So to those living in denial about a human being's need for sex and sexuality: fuck off.. or better still: GET FUCKED! It is therapeutic! Trust me! Grow up you bastards.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I don't agree with you, are you willing for example to post about how your husband makes love to you????

Anonymous said...

If it will get you out of your misery..I guess I could!

Jokes aside and on a serious note, even though this blog - I repeat - is SILLY .. why do we have to get personal here?

What has my husband or mother or father got to do with discussing abstract ideas - considering that jerking and wanking are alien to our society? That sex is taboo and politics are taboo.. and religion is taboo .. Sigh!

Woman..if you are a married woman.. I am telling you.. get laid.. I swear it is therapeutic!! If not, then exercise some self-restraint and wait. Spend that time pasting or praying as it will keep you busy and away from peering into other people's business, thoughts and ideas.

Anonymous said...

oops.. that pasting should read 'fasting'

Gardens of Sand said...

Silly Girl, are you saying that Grey's Anatomy isn't realistic and is somewhat contrived? People don't get their heads drilled by interns like Izzy...Aw shucks, there goes my favorite program...like seriously, seriously..seriously!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


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