According to the stars, it's Mahmood's birthday on Friday, February 23!! I wanted to say something silly but I thought that perhaps I shouldn't since I will be back in Bahrain soon! Sigh! When you have to censor yourself on your own blog! Sigh! When you can't be truthful anywhere! Sigh! When every silly thing your stupid fingers type --- haha..can't stop laughing at this. The miracle of having fingers indeed.. though of course men are freer to do what they choose with their fucking fingers ... but girls beware! -- could be taken against you! Sigh! When you are doomed to be a hypocrite. Sigh! When you worry about whether what you think is politically correct or not regardless of whether you believe in it or not! Sigh! When you live a public lie and a private lie! Sigh! When you lie when you lie and lie when you don't want to lie! Sigh! When you were never free and will never be free! And guess what: Fuck you too motherfucker!

Sorry. All I wanted to say was Happy Birthday Mahmood.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your courage. The desire and freedom to express oneself is the first and most important right of any human being. Take care and have a great year ahead.
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Unknown said...

Thanks love! I didn't realise that this time it would fall on Friday. I should spend as much of that day in the garden playing with my plants and sand and get mucky to celebrate it :D

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