Two people were arrested yesterday.

Now they are not any ordinary two people, like the many twos who disappear over night.. they are people with a street following..a duo who can move crowds.. rowdy crowds.. the type who are used to inhaling tear gas and whose agile bodies have one too many times ducked the goon's rubber bullets. And among those crowds are those who like to burn trash and others who enjoy seeing the black smoke of buring tyres chocking all those in the vicinity.

Some of their followers are plain bored, after all what can you do in Bahrain on weekends if you aren't that keen on loitering in Seef Mall? Others have their own axes to grind. You see, the 90s were around the corner and many many many people remember the bitterness and humiliation they had suffered for no reason other than being at the wrong place at the wrong time or born into the wrong village or sect.

Sometimes, you can't go against the will of Allah. Sometimes, you just have to stomach misery. Sometimes, you don't and they arrest your heros - the ones who say what you want to hear regardless of whether they can deliver anything tangible or not - and you go out to the streets and vent out some of your frustrations.

You never know what's going on in those people's minds.. but everyone has a legitimate reason to go out on the street and chant.. slogans.. I am not in a position to repeat now...because I am a coward and because I don't think it's polite to use such profanities for the next few minutes and because I am not ready to spend time in the dungeons. No thanks. I need my space. I am claustrophobic. Sometimes.

Anyway.. the two who were arrested were then released - albeit after a few battles between the police and protesters.

People. My country is a JOKE. Things are done according to whims. During a raging drunken stupor, someone decides that Bahrain should be put on fire. This being watches the riots unfold as the hang over ebbs and flows. After throwing up and peeing in him/itself a few times, someone decides that he/it should sleep. After waking up, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette (in the mannerisms of a high class prostitute), he/it/they/them come to their senses and wonder what the plumes of smoke are all about. Mercenaries and traitors he/she/it/shit yells. Release them. And your order is my command. And everyone lives happily ever after.

This brings us to a few pressing questions: why were they arrested and why are they being released if there were sound grounds for arresting them in the first place? is there a law in this country? what does justice mean? or is the reputation of bahrain a YOYO in the hands of little children who don't know what the hell they are doing or in which direction they would want to steer this country.

A country becomes a country when it has institutions which uphold law and order. A country is only classified as one when it respects justice. And justice is not established by lip is a huge responsibility which includes giving people way too many rights than some would love to let go of. After all, you cannot aspire to be treated as a citizen when you don't qualify as one.


Milton Ramirez said...

I really like your thoughts in the last paragraph. Unfortunately this is not only happening in your country but mine's as well.

Anonymous said...

While i respect what you have written and i do agree with it to an extent i have to say that a country becomes a country not only because of it's institutions which uphold law and order, because really if you take a look from the outside you would see that Bahrain is one of the countries with the lowest uproar against public order and crime is nothing compared to any of it's regional neighbors. A country is base don mutual respect of people, of people accepting each other and working hand in hand to improve themselves and the others, my country Lebanon suffers from the same problem, in fact it is even multiplied there. Bahraini's need to accept one another with their good or bad, no matter what sect or religion they are from and that's all what it takes to make a good country great.

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