Since I haven't engaged in my favourite passtime of all times - man bashing - let me share parts of a googletalk conversation I have just had with a friend .. somewhere .. some place:

The dreaded M word
o: hehehee i dunno, i love him but like that song sometimes love just ain't enough
A: nothing is ever enough .. this is why we are human.. we want more and more and more
o: i mean i see him fighting for me but i don't see him really pushing through with the marriage bit..he hesitates!
A: it is something good and bad
o: why do i always get men who hesitate when it comes to marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: u know what .. if he is taking his time.. he is working something out and wants to make it perfect for u
o: u really think so?
A: that's the least u can tell urself to remain sane
o: i think i should move to canada and get the apartment next to yours and we can live a sitcom kind of life like Will and Grace heheeeehehehe

o: u know X got a flat in london... let's invade her flat!!!!!
A: wow ..i will be in london in april for a few days
0: yeah!!! i'll give u her mobile number..there you go!
A: i am telling u .. i am a globe trotter now LOL


A: i spilled coffee all over the i really have to clean up
o: eep!
A: ouch .. i was trying to put that off for another week or so LOL
o: hahahhahaa!!!! tell me about it since i started living with XYZ i'm his housemaid!
and i don't get paid
i think i'll run away to the embassy real soon
A: isnt that something???
o: yeah... he knows i pick things up after him
A: i get so mad when i think of it
o: so he leaves his dirty underwear here and smelly socks there
A: u're telling me ..i sometimes leave them where they are .. but then i have to wash them..yesterday i was thinking that i should just throw anything he throws on the floor OUT that should teach him a lesson
o: hahahhahahaha!!!! i once washed his white boxer shorts with my RED RED RED underwear to teach him a lesson - it backfired
A: lol
o: he DIDN'T notice
A: haha
o: he wears it like... la dee da... nothing wrong with's fucking pink!
is he blind??????
A: haha

Men are Full of SHIT
o: what's worse is scud marks on the boxer shorts..don't they know how to wipe their arses????
A: he is just ignoring u .. because he knows in his head .. if he complains.. u will tell him to wash his stuff himself
o: you're right sigh
A: i should be.. i have been carefully studying this specimen for more than 30 years now

o: but hey if you are going to london in april... i might come along!!! take a long weekend.. i have enough leave days accumulated i can do it!
A: yup..let's plan it.. otherwise.. u never know how the wind blows.. i might see u in houston

Cooking Up a Stink
o: my turn to cook in the castle tonight
i think it's gonna be fried fish!
so the house will stink like pilipino pood
he hates that hahahaha
A: haha .. at least u are taking turns LOL
o: pried pish!
pipty pils por pried pish!


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