I mean goodbye Ottawa.. We're leaving today.. I just hope we don't get caught up in the Toronto traffic!!

We were here for the weekend and I did all that I wanted to do ..really.. I didn't sit on a mat or a tub and throw myself off a hill in a sport they fondly call tabboganing..but I did roll in the snow and make a fool out of myself and a mess of an otherwise untouched snow field! I even attempted to make a snow angel..but silly me picked a place where I was at least half a metre deep in the snow to do it..So I will only know what the result is when I see the pictures.. and that is after I download them..and this will only be after I am home.. after SIX hours of driving today .. if we are lucky and are not caught in traffic..

But it was fucking cold here. I mean it is fucking cold where I currently live but all the while I was home, I was hibernating. I don't know what it is, but since returning from Bahrain in mid-January, I have been on strike, refusing to leave the doors of my apartment. And we are talking here about me: I never ever ever remembered staying at home so much. Four walls and me?? Are you out of your minds. I feel sorry for the poor walls and wonder why they are still in place. If I were them, I would wear my abaya and go running into the arms of the first mountain goat sporting a beard I see!

Anyway, as I said, we had a wonderful weekend here and we're heading back home after breakfast .. and hopefully this trip has done enough to lift my spirit and show me that it isn't a bad bad world out there.. and that I can take baby steps and go out and see people and go to the malls and make the most out of the discount season, which seems to go on and on and on and on in stores across Canada all year round.

Yalla.. off I go!


BuZain said...

it is about time SBG. I'm glad that you got out of the bad mood and the self-imposed home arrest :)

Latif said...

hi. Lucky you, to have free time. I cant get enough time to scrach my head these days...evem not on weekends.
nice to hear u keeping us upto date from another side of the world (the Northen Hemisphere!)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks BuZain.. the self-imprisonment was a bit of Dala3 plus sulking.. and being pissed off with the world. Nothing worked. Now I have to pull up myself .. on my own!! After some veiled threats from my better half, of course. He even suggested that I (!!!!) go to the gym!!! Ouch!

Yes. I have more free time than I should.. and idleness is indeed the Devil's workshop!!

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