Dear Mahmood,

I really don't understand why he took offence from personal thoughts you wrote on your personal online journal, ie, your blog. If he didn't like it, I don't know why he didn't change the channel, I mean stop intruding on your very own cyberspace. After all, you didn't force him to come and read your blog, did you? He or whoever translated to him what you wrote, came according to his own accord..didn't he? So why are they complaining now?

Also, I fully agree with your legitimate complaints about how our neighbourhoods turn into the Great Lakes area, every time it rains. Who is responsible for draining the water? And why should the water be drained using those monstrous trucks anyway? Shouldn't they who took all that money - to build all those roads and put all that asphalt in all our neighbourhoods - have ensured that there were adequate drainage pipes to rid us of rain water and cat pee? Or it doesn't matter what is hidden under the surface?

I don't see why we can't have any form of public accountability in Bahrain and why we can't ask anyone anything about their job performance. I also don't understand why we can't have a say on who gets which job.

Mahmood, good for you mate. By suing you, your good friend here has opened a can of worms and a door from which we can ask lots of questions about everything under the sun. If we bloggers and writers can be sued for voicing our opinions, then we too can sue them for not doing their jobs and for being the wrong people in the wrong job!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

thanks again for your support and friendship love, I truly appreciate them.

needless to say, I hope that some sense will prevail tomorrow and I shall let you know what transpires.

Omni said...

You go girl!!!!!!!!!

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