Here's another MSN conversation:

X: In the middle east, when has freedom been any issue?
Y: lol X.. ur fever is effecting u. in the ME when has freedom been any issue.. what does this mean?
X: has there been any sustained social movement of substantial worth
Y: nope
X: from what I gather, there has been struggle for power
Y: it is just lip service
well done X
X: Shias fighting Sunnis, Sunnis fighting Shias, them put together fighting Jews
Y: u have summed it up..just talk
X: when we talk about bloggers, they are educated lot - with influences from the rest of the world as well.
Y: X.. i will go to sleep now
X: I am thinking
Y: don't.. I want to sleep
X: in Russia, Trotsky fought for freedom. Lenin stole the power
so some idiots fight for the real thing... and a few smarties steal power
Y: in animal farm, they were all pigs .. at the end they became men
X: animal farm is my holy reference
Y: on this positive note, we part
X: stay strong
Y: see u later .. online of course
X: hugs
Y: will do
X: sleep well
Y: bye


Good night.. I said I wanted to go to sleep!


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