Fuck you Vista and fuck me too for opting for a fucking pc. Fuck me for not going for a macbook. Fuck me for not listening to reason. Fuck me for being not only silly but stupid.

If you are born silly, why do you add further insult to injury and act blonde too. You aren't blonde. You are an Arab brunette. You will never be blonde. And you have a beautiful mind too. A mind bestowed upon you by accident and device. And you don't need to be so shallow. You can do it. You are it. But still FUCK YOU!

Fuck me! Fuck me!! Fuck me!!! Please.

My computer crashed yesterday. I mean I am now using it on safe mode. I took it to the store and he wasn't bothered with me and told me to press F11 and then restore. And stupid me asked him if I needed anything else while I was at the store. I even had the common sense to ask if I needed an external hard drive to save my documents and photographs on it .. and he said no.... The system will create a back up. I hope a truck backs up into his fucking faggot behind. The bastard could have told me to get one. I fucking asked him. Fuck him and his system. And fuck me too for listening to him. He is a fucking computer technician and I am IT. I should have listened to my inner voice. It is always right. Well.. not always always but you get what I am saying.

Anyway, after the car skids a few times in the snow and I trek my way back through a blizzard and am finally home; after being pelted with nails from the sky; I am back at my desk pressing F11 and trying to restore the system. And guess what? It asks me to insert a USB. A USB you fucking moron. A USB?


Solana said...

Breathe, breathe!

Condolences to your PC from the land of Mac.

Anonymous said...

So I am not the only one who curses online and hates PCs and worships Macs and anything thats anti-PC.

But we all make mistakes so I think it would be much easier to just accept it and GET A MAC.


programmer craig said...

I never understood why the PC became the "mainstream" platform in the early 1990s. The PC was always for techie types. People who liked to have complete control over their computer, and who liked to know every detail about every sector on their hard-drives, people who liked to do their own upgrades, or even build their own computer from parts. Who died and made the PC the platform for the ignorant masses? Apple always built computers for people who didn't want to have to be computer experts to use a computer. Why on earth did the PC become the "it" platform? Now, after Microsoft has spent 15 years trying to make the PC into a MAC, we have these goddamn Linux nightmares to try to deal with!? WTF? UNIX sucks. It always sucked. Now we have to have UNIX just because Micrsoft last 78 operating systems were shit? The last decent OS Micrsoft came out with was Windows 3.11 - I actually knew what my computer was up to most the time with Windows 3.11 and I knew how to fix it when something went wrong. I'm halfway sure I'm not even aware when things go wrong, anymore. Microsoft figures I don't need to know, I suppose, right? How "Mac" of them. Bastards.

I soooo wish it was 1990 and we could do the whole "information age" over again. Where the damn "undo" button, anyway?

Also, fuck MAC. No offense. Buy a Mac everyone. I want my gear-head PC industry back, that's all. I fucking hate Windows and I'm a Windows application developer :O

TeacherLady said...

I feel your pain, so sorry... "Get Bill Gates in here."

Unknown said...

join the club.. buy a VISTA CAPABLE pc n then find out tht its actuallly NOOOOOOOT
I'm staying on XP as long as possible then switching to Linux whn I get a good hold of it

join the Linux club.. :p

they copied from Apple n they cant even COPY IT right!!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thank you all for all your words of support ;)

Redbelt said...

Some words of actual help:
Go to
Download the "UBUNTU" Operating system. Its on a live CD (I'll tell you what that means).
You will download a CD image, burn it to a CD using Nero or some other CD writing tool. Take the disk and put it into your faulty PC and boot from it (if you don't know search "boot from CD").
Next up you will enter a live Ubuntu session, meaning you can use the operating system WITHOUT installing it first. Now you have a fully working OS. Use it to get the files you need, move it to USB drive, an external hard drive or burn it on CD / DVD. After you are completely done you can remove the Ubuntu CD and restart and your computer will return to its sorry Microsoft dependant state.
This extra step is optional:
reinsert the Ubuntu CD and install that thing all over the bloody windows. It is faster (MUCH Faster), more stable and simply cool.Heck, even the Mac OS has the same roots. I highly recommend. Check out my blog for Linux stuff:

Unknown said...

try this as a background

Unknown said...


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