A day in my life .. a conversation with my buddy:

me: i had a bottle of perfume which i got as a gift
ma adri min mino (don't know from whom)
or maybe I bought it
bas it was on a table
and it fell
and stayed there
today when i was cleaning up i saw it
T: looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
me: and it was light for a box with a perfume bottle
Towermeister: eeee.. 3adi.. it happens alot to me..
me: it was wrapped in plastic
goomi el ghabia (Go stupid me) and open the plastic
and the bottle was broken
and all the perfume was concentrated in it
T: baaaal
me: and now the place smells like it was hit with musayel dumooo3 (tear gas)
bin moot (we will die)
we cant breathe
our eyes are burning
T: so now you cant breath
lol.. yup
me: a whole bloody bottle
T: it should take a couple of days to clear out
me: and I cant even trace it
did i buy it?
or did someone give it to me?
ma adri (don't know)
and was it done on purpose?
or did it fall and break?
Towermeister: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
wordsword: do u think it is a plot by the government to gas all the baharna .. even those abroad?
T: it's a huge conspiracy to make your apartment stink
sweet.. it's nice to see that we're still on the same page
me: ya3ni we dont get tear gas in bahrain .. they send it to us
T: exactly
me: the apartment smells nice
but it is too concentrated
T: yeah..
I know what you mean..
boy you're really chirpy today
i'm impressed


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