Over the previous few weeks, I have been busy with a fascinating project, Voices without Votes, which opens a window to what bloggers around the world are writing about the US elections.

Voices without Votes is a Global Voices Online project, commissioned by Reuters. Together with a team of professional writers, translators and bloggers, we bring you the world's reactions to developments in the run up to the race to the White House - with links to fascinating blogs as well as analysis featuring translations from hand-picked posts written in different languages, including Malagasy, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Farsi, Arabic, Chinese, Tagalog and Japanese. The list is growing as more people are joining our team and I really am honoured to be selected as the project leader and to be working with such a talented team.

Why should we concern ourselves with what is happening in the US? Some of you may shrug your shoulders but deep inside, you all know the answer. Yes, we don't have a say in the elections, but whoever sits in that Oval Office will have a direct impact on the destiny of millions of people - not only in the US but far far away, closer to our shores than to US soil.

Hundreds of bloggers are typing away and sharing their insights over US foreign policy issues and the elections and they certainly aren't doing it to kill time. If you write or see anything which you would like to see featured on Voices without Votes, please consider submitting links to the site. If you would like to join the project as a writer, translator or blogger, please contact me. And if you like the work we are doing, and would like to spread the link, please be my guest and proudly display any of our lovely badges on your blogs.

What are you waiting for? Speak your mind: The world is listening... Are you talking?


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