I read my horoscope this morning and rolled my eyes... yeah right, I said. My power lies.. and stopped there .. because many things and people lie and pretend they are what they aren't .. including my power. My lunatic ramblings make no sense I know .. but he hurt me now.. and I am in a daze.

That little six-year-old brat did!

Me: How are you?
Him: I am Ok.
Me: How's school?
Him: We are on Easter break.
Me: Why don't you want to talk to me?
Him: Why? Aren't there other boys and girls you can talk to? Talk to somebody else!

... and all that in English. The little bastard couldn't say a word until he was three. I carried the mute brat around, taking him to Seef Mall every Friday, spending endless hours as he went round and round and round in that silly game. And now... now .. he doesn't have time for me!


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