It was only this morning that I was having a discussion with my better half on how Arabs are wired the wrong way, how the internet is being used for the wrong reasons. I mentioned to him all the emails and messages I get from Arab guys, who basically want to .. erm ... you get the picture. In his calm way, he explained to me that my views are "extremist" and even if I get a 100 messages of that nature a day, it was still not enough for me to write off an entire world (it is a world within itself really) as perverts.

So at night, me and my pal Abood were chilling online and we decided to play Poker on Facebook. Here's a cut and paste sample of an encounter with a Jordanian we met online. Now .. please tell me I was wrong this morning. Please.

[Amira Hussaini]: nh ayman
[Ayman Alwakeel]: ahleen
[Aby]: ouch.. u loose
[Ayman Alwakeel]: ana a5o sharmoo6a ana a5o qa7ba
[Ayman Alwakeel]: alla msakrha men foooooq

[Amira Hussaini]: n1 abood
[Aby]: sweet

[Ayman Alwakeel]: 3ala zbe ente w abood taba3k
[Amira Hussaini]: zebek is too small ayman
[Aby]: ana el sara7ah mirta7 la2ana ma3indak zib..
[Amira Hussaini]: TOO SMALL
[Aby]: haha
[Ayman Alwakeel]: la be3abe koseeen qad kosek
[Aby]: non-existent is more like it
[Amira Hussaini]: did u try it on ur mama's kos
[Aby]: haha.. koseen firan
[Amira Hussaini]: sej khaneth
[Aby]: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[Manaf Khalaileh]: slow down
[Amira Hussaini]: agool lek ma fee reyayeel
[Aby]: good one amoor
[Ayman Alwakeel]: koseen omak w o5tak w 5altak w 3amtak w jeranko ya a5ooo zanya ya a5ooo al3ahra
[Amira Hussaini]: maskeen
[Ayman Alwakeel]: leesh kol alreyaeel 3nd omak naymeen m3ha ya manyak
[Amira Hussaini]: u are right IT is non-existent abood
[Aby]: kint ra7 agool majnoon.. bas maskeen sa7
[Aby]: bas 7'aneeth yitbaha ib zobah el sageer
[Ayman Alwakeel]: el3b o oskot
[Amira Hussaini]: yummah
[Amira Hussaini]: khara3neh
[Amira Hussaini]: laykoon facebook mal abooh
[Ayman Alwakeel]: mal omak
[Aby]: ishdarani
[Amira Hussaini]: maskeen
[Aby]: ti3alam titkalam 3arabi el awal
[Amira Hussaini]: hegra7 abood
[Aby]: a7gir min.. he's a non-existent fool anyway
[Ayman Alwakeel]: salam ya q7ab
[Amira Hussaini]: lol
[Aby]: lol.. that was fun
[Amira Hussaini]: that was something
[Amira Hussaini]: blogable abood


Amjad said...

Such people should be totally ignored from the beginning, without giving them any attention, because a9lan they act that way to attract others attention.

I can't even believe that you & your friend gave him a face and started replying at him. If I was in your place, I would just let him talk to himself and totally ignore him. The more I give him attention, the further he goes.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Amjad.. I had another wa7ed bayekh and I totally ignored his sorry comments! And I feel good.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

And Amjad, I did it just because you told me to!

Amjad said...

lool .. I know how good it feels!

I've had some people in chat rooms, who apparently knew me personally but were talking to me anonymously, and they were swearing at me and each one of my family, including my parents and sisters. honestly, I was just reading all what they were saying and didn't give them annnnnnyyyyyyyy attention! COMPLETELY ignored them even though they were swearing at the people I love the most. with extremely dirty words.

ignoring them made me feel so good. at the end, they just got pissed off and very angry, because I was totally ignoring them! it really works. such people are losers, and when they are ignored, they get angry. but if they get attention, they'll be happy and fulfill their purposes. just ignore them so they fail to fulfill their purposes!

Yacoub Al-Slaise said...

That 11 year old must of been a sore loser

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