The number of stalkers from London, Ontario, Canada, has almost 'doubled' in the last 10 hours!!! Keep clicking folks .... you might strike oil!!!


PH said...

Do you have stalkers from any other city in Canada ? Because if that isn't the case then it might be me :P and I'm not stalking I'm just bored, as you are, and I check most of the blogs on my bookmarks very frequently :D.

Anonymous said...

I always wondered why you are called silly bahraini girl. Now I have an idea where it came from!

First of all, is your blog restricted to Bahrainis? If so, is it for the real Bahrainis or the 70,000 new ones? I always thought that blogging is meant to broadcast your ideas globally, unless batelco manages to limit that as well!

You are the only blogger I know who complains about having people from different countries visit their blog and quite frankly I find that a bot too weird! I also find your use of the word "stalker" weird as well, I mean for god's sakes all they did was view your blog which you put out there to be seen!

I find myself wondering why do you assume it was one person? Is there something you are not sharing with us? I mean who in their right frame of mind would visit your website 120 times in one day?

I suspect that many people are viewing your blog via an anonymizer which uses a server in London ON, but then that is not as fancy as a conspiracy theory, is it?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Glad to see a Libyan near by! Keep clicking!!

King of Hearts,
Yes. It was a silly post - nothing more, nothing less! Glad you saw light and have come face to face on why I am called silly.

And no. The blog isn't restricted to Bahrainis .. but you would think that my fellow Bahrainis would be curious and keep up with my silliness and not my fan club in London, Ontario!!

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