I listened to Amjad today and bit my tongue. Here's another sample of how Arab men interact with Arab women online:

[Rebhi Jada]: hi sexy amira
[Temour Van Malik]: hahahahaha
[Temour Van Malik]: Gosh atleast say him hi he gave u a compliment
[Rebhi Jada]: amira do you have a mirror in your bathroom ?
[Temour Van Malik]: rebhi r u a wannabe "x.men"
[Rebhi Jada]: batool
[Rebhi Jada]: nice hand
[Rebhi Jada]: i wana be the hasbend of your sister
[Temour Van Malik]: nice shades....hahaha cyclops....
[Temour Van Malik]: my sis is too young to marry some one
[Temour Van Malik]: r u half malabari and half arab
[Rebhi Jada]: i will wait
[Tara Barnett]: hasbend???? dnt u mean husband???
[Rebhi Jada]: hi sexy batool


Qwaider قويدر said...

Hi Sexy Amira :)

Anonymous said...

they make idiots out of themselves too, no wonder Americans think we're dumn. Check out the Tara girl correcting him lol. 3njad, rediculous.

Anonymous said...


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Batoul and Muneeb,
They are an embarrassment :)

Unknown said...

:P I couldn't find these last time


wht do u thnk?

Unknown said...
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BuJ said...

how does he know she is sexy?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I don't know about Batoul, but that girl Amira is HOT!

BuJ said...

Silly Bahraini Girl.. I'll take your word for it.. but who is Amira?

Still I love the style of chatting (or lack of!)... it reminds me so much of how we used to do things back in the days.... hehe

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