Forget all about allegations of human rights abuse in the Middle East!

The focus is now on how humanely we treat our sheep!

Being an animal lover - a die-hard animal lover to spell it more accurately - I am in two or maybe even three minds about this latest attack on the Middle East!

Of course, the way Australian sheep are allegedly being abused in the region is probably as one of the interviewees rightly pointed:

"Widespread abuse in the Middle East would be frowned upon in each of the countries because it is not compatible with what Allah would allow.

"They are strong in their beliefs that animals should be treated with respect."

hehe .. but again, so are many of the things happening there daily, which are against Allah and Islam, including terrorism, the blowing up of mosques, injustice, lack of transparency, intolerance, prejudice, racisim and dictatorship!

But who cares about people as long as the Australian sheep are dealt with as humanely as possible!

It really is ironic that the Australians are so incensed about their sheep when our governments are fast asleep and sometimes don't give a hoot about their own citizens!

How I wish I was an Australian sheep today!! Baa baaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaa


Antar said...

who cares about human rights as long I can find a good shawerma sandwich to eat today.

"Forget yesterday, live for today because you never know you will be around to enjoy tomorrow (to enjoy another shawerma sandwich)."

Waffles said...

Damn PETA groups. Whats so special about australian sheeps anyways?

One thing im wondering about is, is ther a "human" way of sloughtering sheeps? hehe


Cerebralwaste said...

mmmmm.... Shawarma... mmmmmmmm....

I am feeling the need for a dozen or so SBG how about you?


I'm not laughing, I'm choking on my drink..

Go ahead! Make my day! Keep mocking the in yer snooty ways! Everytime the barn door is left open; these Leftists form another group. That's the price paid of anti-totalitarian elite capitalism!

These animal lovers are always singin'' something. They sit at home and dream this stuff up! I'M NOT KIDDING! (or is that chiding? sp.?)


Haah Haaaaaaaaaaa


make that:

haaa haaaaaaaaaaa

MadSheik said...

It is true that animals, improperly butchered, can be ill bringing. So the point is well taken that the fuss over animal rights may be unconcious warning about preparing such for table. I.E. Just knicking some glands during cattle slaughter will release poisons into the rest. So there are ways to do it properly.

We all like to eat. I like to eat meat. Sometimes raw. I know there are vegetables and other things but that tasty red meat makes my tummy go mmmmm aaah.

Oh, btw, Civilized is an arbitrary term. History shows the sameness in all war and love. It's written all over it. It's written all over us. Every inch of us. We look at history from our loyalties in the present and there's the diff 'tween what is perceived civil and what wild. Eye and mouth of the beholder.

If you're gonna do anything with sheep you still have to grab that wool. And there are always things, and other things, to eat. So just grabbin' that baaaa animal and grabbin' a handful of that thick wool means somethin'.. 'Specially to that animal..

These are good comments though. It's always good to give a look at the comments.

Okay, where were we...

Cerebralwaste said...

"Just knicking some glands during cattle slaughter will release poisons into the rest."

Please site your source for this comment. Growing up around cattle my entire life I have never heard of this so I find your claim to be of acute interest. Poison glands in Sushi yes... Posion glands in cattle I am more than curious.

Balushi said...

If a Sheep is going to be Kaput It doesnt matter for him if you shave off his hair or NOT!

3li said...

intresting,,,very intresting...

I never imagined that foreign cattle would be abused here in the GCC,,,

I say let us solve our issues with bird flu, then we will look into cattle abuse :-)

SoupduJourandMore said...

CerebralWaste, (lovely name btw),

I don't have time, at the moment, to search. It is documented though. Careless butchers, slaughterhouse workers, were hitting a gland with their knives in one instance. The knives carried hormones/chemicals to the meat during butchering.

I remember an entire family, with one exception, either dying or becoming severely, debilitatingly, ill after eating that meat. The one exception was the bad kid who wouldn't eat what he was told to eat...

"Growing up around cattle my entire life I have never heard of this so I find your claim to be of acute interest. "

Remember that this slaughter house would be on a large scale. A production line of cattle butchering.

..but gland you asked!

SoupduJourandMore said...

Please do not forget the addtional bio-chem involved with cattle.


Madcow disease. Rendering the entire animal for a variety of uses including feed for animials.

The cattle brains were/are used as a component for animal feed. This then was served to some cattle. Same brain consumption is more than a taboo as seen in Cannibal cultures. It leads to coarse demise.

It is also the basis for reading and autorship in humans. We don't have to eat eachothers' brains because we can just read the silly things that we write..

heh he hhh hehe ah hahehe

Eatsruns said...

The funny thing is, Australians don't even treat their sheep very well! Have you heard of mulesing? They do it to 90% of the sheep there!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


baselessfabricatedrumormill said...

I'm a dyed in the wool nut like alot of people. I think more people need to alerted to the brutality that brutalizes lesser creatures.

I've always thought that the most disgusting events would shock people into awareness or action or something.

I'm sure it's working and i will continue the neverending effort to put the faxts in front of otheres.

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