Behold! The West has to look East to learn all about democracy says no other than Libyan leader Muammar Gadaffi!

He touted Libya's political system as superior to "farcical" and "fake" parliamentary and representative democracies in the West."

"There is no state with a democracy except Libya on the whole planet," Gaddafi said to the conference at Columbia University in New York.

Libya's Jamahiriyah system, under which Libyans can air their views at "people's congresses," is genuine democracy, said Gaddafi, who spoke through a translator and was dressed in purple robes and seated at a desk in front of a map of Africa.

LOL!! I personally suggest President Gadaffi bestows some of his wisdom on his Arab brethren Kings, Presidents and Sheikhs :)


Wolfwood said...

I knew he was crazy, but geez...How's anyone supposed to take him seriously when he looks like a cross between Prince and a grape!?!

Anonymous said...

damm, the man's got vogue dress sense..
give him credit he's a stylin.

Cerebralwaste said...

Reminds me of this line from a song I heard many moons ago...."He's was a one eyed one horned flyin'purple people eater"

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