I dont know what the problem is but I can't access my Blog.. Bear with me for a while until I get to the root of this problem :)


Um Naief said...

I was a wee bit worried, but it's good to see ya back up and runnin! Was getting the same message on many so maybe there was a funk in the system.

Cerebralwaste said...

Glad things seem to be working again SBG!

Waffles said...

eveyrtime i try to access ur blog it gives me a Forbbiden message.

but its good that its working now

FALCONS said...

A.) It's probably just a phase you're (they're) going through.

B.) "Just hold your water.." (Art Carney/Ira Wells; "The Late Show" 1977)

C.) "No no Tommy ya got it all wrong.." ("Good Fellas" 1990)

D.) "If you lean forward far enough; You won't read into something too much because you're glasses will fall off while you're bending to get them.." ("The Sky Rains The Wind And Sun" 2005)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Tooners, CW and Waffles.. Everything seems to be fine now!

SoupduJourandMore said...

Thanks FALCONS; that explains it!

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