You wanna enjoy some first-class lamb ass?
Fly to my country and you will see why!!

As for the dinner itself, Whoo Kid said he was acting as a dietary and fashion consultant to Jackson.

"They had a whole lamb they brought to the table and Mike was eating some weird vegetables," Whoo Kid said. "I told Mike, 'You better get up on some of this lamb.' I said, 'Let me get some of this lamb ass.' The Sheikh was dying [laughing] because I kept saying 'lamb ass.'


Wolfwood said...

Seems nobody told DJ Whoo Kid that cross dressing refugee from Madame Tussaud's (MJ) couldn't afford this proposed makeover (or anything else for that matter)without any help. He kinda owes $250m (at least) to various creditors including the labor department for letting his employee's insurance run out.

Why else would he hide, I mean, "enjoy the local hospitality"? Certainly has nothing to do with Bahrain not having an extradition treaty with the US so he can't be forced to go back and face the music for lying to immigration officials about custody of his alleged children (who look nothing like him) so he can bring them here when custody hearings weren't over...nope, not at all :)

It just feels good to rip on him sarcastically first thing in the morning.

Also, the term "lamb ass" just entered my dictionary. It's not as good as "Snakes on A Plane", but it's got potential, hehe..

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

Nice timing SBG, I see you've already nailed the lamb ass story! :)

(¯`'•.¸¤IMMER_LEBEND¤¸.•'´¯) said...

hello, just stoppin in your blog for say hi, receive greetings from México, god luck!!!(*_-)--'

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