I am turning green with envy. I know I shouldn't because I am finally in a country where books aren't banned, censored and smuggled like contraband goods!! But I am! A friend of mine from Bahrain has just told me how he spent a few hours at the annual book fair there .. and I really felt envious!

Because my Arabic was never up to the mark, thanks to my laziness and my Western education.. I never bothered to read books in Arabic until I was much much older.. and when I did.. I literally bought 100s of books.. some I read and some are still gathering dust. They are now in cartons, in my parent's and in-laws' homes, with relatives rolling their eyes thinking how on Earth I amassed so many books in such a short span of time.

The answer lies in Power Buying - a misnomer for stretching my purse more than I should on things I will never use. But books are never a waste of money and one day, just one day, I may be bored enough to delve into those hidden in boxes no one dares goes near!


Waffles said...

i read books in english more than arabic. however i enjoy the arabic ones alot more. i dunno what the secret is.

clean the dust of those books and do some reading... if u come across anything good, let us know.

good luck

Cerebralwaste said...

"Green with envy" and today is St Patricks Day... Hmmmm Did you pan this SBG? Coincidence?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Of course I will read the books.. I mean I have started reading some of them.. and will try and cover the rest soon!!

hehe.. Happy St Patty's Day!!

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