Government officials are heart-broken and they should be.
Instead of praise, all they are getting from the MPs is name-calling and back-stabs!

What a shame! A real shame.

Minister of State for Shura Council and Parliament Affairs, Abdulaziz Al Fadhel, hit back in an official statement after they demanded pay cuts for ministers who they accused of sleeping.

MPs had also asked officials to "be quiet" and suggested the government should be ashamed of itself.

Well.. people falling asleep during sessions.. I agree! I would too!! I mean I didn't when I was covering sessions for many years because I never sleep during the day. Come to think of it, I rarely sleep at night too!

And to suggest that the government should be ashamed of itself and its conduct is appaling! Who the hell do those MPs think they are?? They shouldn't ever forget that their main purpose in life should be to obey their paymasters. I do. I don't see why they shouldn't really!

Mr Al Fadhel claimed some MPs apologised after the parliament session ended, but said that the government had been "humiliated".

"MPs are ignorant to the manners of speech," said Mr Al Fadhel in a statement released yesterday.

He added that MPs' "use of foul language" had "broken the hearts of many government officials who are keen on giving all information possible to MPs in order for them to take the right decision".

Oh boy! We can't have officials with broken hearts now can we? Well, if it is any consolance, they now have a fountain sprouting out of the magical Gulf waters (which aren't that polluted mind you). I suggest all those broken hearted burreacrats pack their picnic boxes and sit by the corniche at night and enjoy the water show. I find sitting by the sea soothing, especially after a fall out with a dear and near one! I swear it helps!

And about the MPs use of foul language, well, Mr Al Fadhel sums it up here:

Mr Al Fadhel also said that apologies from MPs after discussions were not enough.

"MPs should be disciplined and discipline is not something that we teach MPs, this should come from them," he said.

You are right Mr Al Fadhel. Experience has shown me over and over again that it isn't possible to teach an old dog new tricks.. but what do I know about anything. I am only a silly little girl.

But MPs be warned. Your bad manners will not - and should not - be tolerated.

The minister of state added that he hoped future parliament sessions would be different and that MPs would deal with the government with all respect possible.

"Government officials have been humiliated in the house of the people, instead of being praised for the work they were doing," he said.

From now on, your job is to praise ministers and government officials. It is bad enough that the entire country is heart-broken. Let the officials at least be happy!
They deserve it after all the hard work they put into their jobs.

And we all know who to blame for all our troubles.

Mr Al Fadhel also criticised media coverage of the session and said that officials' responses were not properly reported.

"Newspapers unfortunately didn't cover the whole truth and missed government officials' comments several times, giving a one-sided story on what MPs said," he added.

Unethical journalists! Of course they are to blame. It's not what the MPs said or did.. it's not whether officials are corrupt or not (which they are not by the way).. it is all the newspapers fault for not covering the truth, the whole truth and everything BUT the truth!


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