Congratulations Bahrain on a beautiful Nafoora (fountain), which will has now given a new facelift to the Manama seafront!

I am so excited about this new gift to the people of Bahrain that I really can't wait to get back and enjoy it! It will certainly make a huge difference in my life and the lives of the 600,000 people who inhabit my land. How much have I missed since coming here?

It is indeed a moment of great pride for me .. that we now have a fountain "similar in height to the renowned Jet D'Eau in Geneva." So what if it is a bit smaller? Who cares if it isn't appreciated by a few disgruntled people who are eluding that the money wasted on building this state-of-the-art marvel, should have gone towards feeding the poor, ensuring decent dwellings for the needy and job-creating schemes for the jobless?

Why are all issues so tangled up in Bahrain? Why don't people do what I just did and sit back and enjoy the show.

Like it or hate it, the Nafoora is there to stay .. and I like it :)

Just wondering how many foreign advisors have been recruited to work full-time round the clock to ensure that the pumps and lights work for it would be a disaster should I arrive in Bahrain anytime soon and the fountain doesn't welcome me with its spray!

We all know that the 'locals' are useless at operating such hi-tech novelties!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

NO foeign workers were consumed for this marvel, as it only works part-time, like most Bahraini employees, hence, local talent were utilised for this project. (Dutch, German and English contributions were welcome, though!)

Antar said...

Is a "fountain" what the people of Bahrain really need in their lives now? Did officials even bother to ask what the people wanted the country's resources be used on? To me it sounds like an awful waste of resouces at a time when civil unrest is growing by the minute throughout the mideast. God help us all.

Dar said...

Tab why there is no pix for the fouuntain !! i wana see it , bs do u know that it is really annoying that u see a lo amount of money spent on something that is not gonna be maintained or used correctly so we can enjoy it !!!

Hahaha said...

I'd like to see a picture too.


I see the "Alessandro" comment-thing appeared here on the previous thread. What coincidence. A friend asked me about that today. Funny thing; I had just sent a few emails about stalkers who follow people constantly on the web. Then this "A" thing appears in a couple of places. It could just be a crawl that advertises a blog but then timing is always interesting. The timing of things.

ie: 'B' and 'C' have no direct relationship but occur at virtually the same time. hehe


Isn't it wonderful to sit outside, on a hot day, while a fountain cools the air and makes lovely arches of water? Maybe you had just spent some time humping your brains out over work, school work, letters, problems and then you go to a fountain to relax with friends.

Why, I don't know, but this news, of the fountain in Bahrain, reminded of a high school trip.

I do not remember what the trip was for or where we went that day as students. Really I can't remember. I do recall that we were in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, USA) some forty miles from the school and town.

Returning to the bus, with teachers and guardians, someone noticed that one student, male, was in the fountain near the bus. He was soaked and swimming around with other city youths who also broke the rules and used the fountain as a pool. It was a fountain, clearly marked "no swimming", with about ten kids in it.

He (the wet guy) was called back by a teacher. He didn't care and he left in the opposite direction. In today's, more micro-managed, world this would have lead to police calls, investigations, possible termination of teaching jobs etc. Back then the attitude was almost "screw him" get this bus moving. hehe. That *ssh*le!

It wasn't that dramatic though. The student was originally from the city and had plans to meet others in the city. When the instructors were convinced that this was the case then we left in the bus. This absolutely would not happen in the USA of today. Back then was back then.

A fountain has many uses.

Um Naief said...

What a total waste of money! Honestly, who will really enjoy that fountain? Yeah, you may oohh and aahh over it for.. maybe a week or week 1/2, but then it's like .. been there, done that. Too bad that those in charge don't take more pride in what's really needed in this country. It's a shame really.

kisss7Kx said...


egalitarianism never existed. it cannot. religion proves this because it symbols higher powers. you cannot "dictate" egalitarianism or have a higher power because that is unegalitarian. hehe

but you can help that old lady cross the road while not helping yourself to her old purse


PodJohnSobinski said...


watching univision or telemundo. the show is called "Laura."

it's a version of JerrySpringer.

The guy caught on video was found with another woman "and" a transvestite who just appeared on the show. gave him a kiss too.


the fountain

the fountain can be enjoyed while sitting back. the "y" chromosome may have something to say though.


ahah haha

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