Yawn.. Stretch !

Had to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix!! Not really dawn. And I wasn't really forced to get up. Like there wasn't a hooded man holding a gun to my head and kicking me to stay awake and see Alonso kick Michael's cute butt.. hehe.. you see.. we are on first name basis already. Me and the German dude I mean :)

Back to the race..which by the way I prefer to watch on TV from the comfort of my living room rather than the stands!!!...yeah .. the race.. the commentator's closing sentence when the champs took the podium and presented with the bottles was.. "And this isn't real Champagne. Bahrain is a Muslim country with no tolerance for alcohol."



Haitham Salman said...

on what channel?
I want to watch it too


Mike C said...

Not real champagne? I thought Bahrain was the party capital of the Gulf! Is nothing sacred anymore?

hoaxbox said...

could you be less enthused

sleepyniece said...

Darn! I had to, hmmm, work today. I totally forgot about the Gran Prix though I knew, for days, it was run this weekend.

I wanted to see thosy crazy fast cars running the circut. It would be like doing laps around SillyGirl articles.

Zoom Zoom, Pitstop, Zoom Zoom ZOOM

SoupduJourandMore said...

I'm not a big fan of bangin' the equivalency drum but the champagne thing is relative. In the last few years NASCAR (in the US) went from milk to soda. Yes the pc (pol. correct) game had guys drinking milk after driving at 200mph.

Now if Wafamadonna was supplying the milk then that would be something..;)

Think about it: No alcohol but the Gran Prix circut is followed by jet-setting hedonists who lustfully travel the world and get out of bed to see the race. ;) In fact the whole Formula-1 business is high-speed, big money flash. So how uptight is Bahrain?

Abhijit said...

Chuck the champagne.

Just before the race started, there was this shot of a motherly looking woman on the grid , dressed in blue, skirt reaching a little below the knees.

Are pit babes not haram in Bahrain ?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I will need to see her with my own eyes to classify her as Halal or Haram!!

sleepyniece said...

I'll say: "Ah, SBG, do you have to see her with your own eyes during a strip search?

You'll say: "No, that a ridiculous question. I don't have to be near to see her appearence!"

I'll say: "There is great irony in ironic things. I know what's under the fabric. I think of such with no reminder needed. The more extreme the female attire; the more I still notice."


sleepyniece said...

Self-imposed grammar check (I've been making 'rammar errors alot lately):

You'll say: "No, that's a ridiculous question.

I.E. "...in the place 'and' they were escorted.."

Abhijit said...


here is one, but not the one I saw on TV.

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