Silly has really gone bonkers.. Silly can't stop shopping. Silly is shopping and not yet dropping. Silly has gone mad.

I can't stop Silly, no matter how hard I try to reason with her. How many more shoes, coats, hats, gloves, dresses, skirts, jeans, jackets and handbags do you really need?

What is it with this new obessesion of yours Silly? What are you trying to do? Even if you break the bank, it won't fill up that void inside you. It won't make your life like it was back home. It won't bring your mother, sisters, brother, nephews and nieces and friends closer to you. They are miles away. Hundreds of miles. Thousands. Millions. Zillions. Oceans, lakes, rivers, continents, ideologies, backwardness, corruption, masses of people with crazy ideas, the Danish cartoons, the misery, the loneliness, the sleepless nights - all separate you from your loved ones. Burning dollars won't bring that feeling of love, warmth and togetherness. It won't make you more real. It won't change your destiny - a destiny and a destination you walked to with your eyes wide open.

Buying things which you think your loved ones would love won't bring them to you. Being obsessed with everything Orange won't bring Dana to me. Touching all the material and colours Mum loves, won't bring mummy to me. Walking into the children's department and looking for things for the silly nephews and nieces will not transform them into flesh and blood and bring them here. All I have is vivid real images of them calling out my name and asking me: Auntie, when will you come back home? When will you take me to Seef?

Oops.. those aren't visions. They are real. I talk to them all the time..thanks to MSN and Googletalk! And the webcam works wonders. Ali thinks auntie is locked up inside the computer. He's only a year and three months old. Wait until he becomes my age and realises that was all live in boxes and circles, that he wasn't really far off from the truth when he was a toddler!

Enough said! Hope I find something I really like at the mall today!


Sans said...

Forget about the silly boxes and circles. You have to show them the way, to all those nephews and nieces - your real ones and the other thousands of nephews and nieces in Bahrain who would one day be inspired by you.

Don't let the momentary sadness of life drag you down. There is so much to do for yourself, for the people around you, and for life itself.

Rediscover the passion and fire for life in you, which makes you the wonderful person I am so proud of.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks for your kind words. Passion and fire? Those have long been extinguished by all the silliness out there!

Gardens of Sand said...

Beautiful and touching post. It explained to me why my obsession with shopping miraculously vanishes in Bahrain.

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