Mahmood's blog has been acting up lately. Tried it in yesterday afternoon and it gave me a funny message about a "fatal error"!! Error is bad enough without it having to be fatal, thank you!

And now, there is an explanatory note from Mahmood. It is as Mahmood is, hilarious.

I think the server (specifically is under an immense attack at the moment from spammers and bots. I've disabled the site for the moment until I have time to fix it.

I will not be able to do anything with it today as I'm swamped at work and have commitments until late evening.

So for the moment, go out and do some gardening, walking, talk to the wife, walk the dog or do whatever you do other than engaging in furious and beneficial debates on mahmood's den!

sorry for the trouble


Spammers and bots? Masakeen walla.. they really don't know what they are getting themselves into messing up with Mahmood!

And walk the dog or talk to the wife???!! Ya salam.. a7na ma3a el kelab in the same paragraph ?? That bad, huh?

Hope all your server problems are over soon sweetie. Happy birthday and many happy returns. Thanks for sharing, caring, ranting, raving and making us smile every once in a while!

You rock man!!



Forget the Dog! Everytime I come home my animal is humping, in the frontyard, with another.

The other day I brought my secretariess home for business. Sure enough that beast was going at It! hump hump hump hump hump

1Secretary; "Can't you control that animal???"

2Secretray; "There could be children around."

Me; "I tried ropes, chains, treats, toys, a fancy new collar. Nothing worked! All of these other dogs keep coming back! Maybe I'll put a sign in the yard; Beware of my Dog."


(omg, the first three letters of word verification are pms...)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


You can open a side business with that horny dog!


Yes Silly,

I should put a meter on the dog! Maybe get in the record books. That dog believes you do it all day and all night and all day..

Dog never read the book that said Stop...

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Go for it man!

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