Since it is the season of spreading hate, discontent and defragmenting an already torn-apart society, let me add my two cents - in a bid, of course, to spare Danish cows our wrath!

I just stumbled across this on the www! And it left me gasping for air.. breath in, breath out.. I am hyper-ventilating - really.. and I, from this podium, call for a relatiation, against all those who poke fun of our religious symbols, icons and most important, our ideology!

There were other offensive things as well.. but I will leave them for later ;)

fight! fight! FIGHT!

I really don't know how many fronts we should fight at, especially when there are more pressing problems to solve at home!


Hahaha said...

There are very large pressing problems. They push on your soul, hold you down and exhaust you. Sometimes you just cannot escape these th ings. Your arm is grabbed, your ankhle, you can't escape.

They come at you from everywhere. They're all over you, everywhere. You'd think you were begging for a fight 'cause they're prodding you from headlines, lead stories and bitches in the malls.

You would think there wasn't another F'N' thing to do in the universe...

Alot of these characters are just posing their loyalty and they'll say anything they're told to say. When they get annoying I tell them my wife's private massage club is discussing the same topic this week and they should get over there to meet important people, like themselves, who know what's going on! Then I give them address of an S&M club, found in the classifieds, and tell them when they get to the place just say the code words; "I'm fit to be tied, and whipping mad!!!"

LiB Team said...

SBG. this is not funny, I know you're just trying to highlight the issue but I am talking about it cuz it's a sad fact that this is what Bahrain is heading towards, I mean thank God there ARE people who don't believe in this BS but there are -on the other hand- a lot others who THRIVE on such issues, they don't care about anything but to eliminate each other, the question is.. what do we people "in the middle" are going to do about it? we need ppl to know that such mentalities are not welcome.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

No worries LIB team.. This isn't a Bahraini plant.. It is from the www...but it is just to draw attention to the fact that there are lots of satarical attacks against religion and religious icons out there...AND it isn't only Islam which is being attacked ;)

Once again, how many things do we want to dig up and how many war fronts can we fight?

Gardens of Sand said...

I for one don't find the pic/toy/candy (what exactly is it??) not in the least bit funny. To me it is just another example on how people disrespect others in the name of freedom of speech, satire, humor, etc... How sad. It seems people are regressing instead of advancing as a society and human race. Pathetic.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

pathetic indeed .. but it is happening.. what can we do to stop it? or should we?

it really is up to the people involved in making and marketing these items to weigh their options..and up to us to buy or boycott (hehe) them.

it's a free world afterall ;)

sume said...

In your own words....****sigh.

Hahaha said...

Just in case some are confused; "Chia Pet" was the original and -real- product sold decades ago in the US (may still be sold? who knows?). It was one of "those" items that people buy when they've given up on living and dying...

ChiaPet was an odd kinda $19.95 TV product. Allow four weeks for delivery (while we invest the money in short term...).

It comprised a porous ceramic animal figure, dirt and seed. Mixing the dirt/seed with water became a paste which was "ingeniously" spread over the ceramic pet. Later it would grow the tiny green plants and your chia pet would come *alive!*

The original model has been spoofed many times including on comedy shows such as 'saturday night live.' Oh yeah, now remember; bald guy puts paste on head and grows green wig... hahaha hehe

My first instinct was that the advert., above, was just another spoof. Years ago I visited a website that posted many many completely faked news website pages. They looked identical to the -real- news site pages. This 'hia-pet ad could be just that.

But who could resist covering some figure with mud and watching what happens? Then it grows things and you pet it! This is livin'!!!

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