The glass is half-empty and leaking. And the water in it is so murky and full of germs. A lot of dirt, too infested and soiled, yet I don't understand why so many people want to sip from it.

Yuck! I would rather drink my own pee!


ceci le vista said...

Thank You for sharing.

FALCONS said...

Very fine interview with the well spoken ex-pat.

This reminds me of what I sense will be under the surface of things personal and things internet for sometime of years.

Alot has happened in the last 16+ years since the USSR collapsed. MUCH has happened in the previous four and a half years. Both circum are intimately tied imo.

Sounding cliche; We are at a crossroads internationally, ethnically, ideologically and technologically. Crossroads can be enormous. People can enter such and can be within such for many many years. A crossroads does not imply anything more than gesture of transition. Expecting immediate changes on a subconcious level, for a majority of the population at large, is a bit too idealistic. One need only look to habits entrenched in any society to see that some things barely change over decades.

HAVING said that; Some of us can make the leap very quickly.

While debate rages on, while battles flare, then some of us can have our conversations the entire time. I promise you that there is never a shortage of magnetizing controversy that many will view as hyper-critical. Some won't see events in that way though.

Funny will be how strangers test eachother by exposing personal interests, whether serious or casual. It is an automatic reaction even when people immediately see eye to eye.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks for understanding Ceci le Vista!

Falcons.. I am sorry to say I am more confused than I already am!

SoupduJourandMore said...

At the drop of an anchor, lightening strikes the chain, the new world ocean, orders the brain, to listen,

but spreading joy, far and wide, wide is pure heaven, and forget the tide, forget the tide, just go wider and wide,

goes fore and back, with a sudden splash, if not at the beach, you won't notice the crash, happens everyday, it's just what they say, of the tides,

but who can resist, the sun and water, build castle sand, as happy daughter,

let the waves carry away, another beachy day, just bend over, and show us the way, to up more castles, today,

of your hair just brush, away those naughty storms, act naturally, stay wet and warm, this is the norm, of the new ocean, get your tail in gear, stay in motion,

it's very important, so tell the wave, kick and spit, make quite a rave, and always prepare, alot of sun lotion, friend will help, lay on the notion,

and pee in the water, no one will notice, you were wet before, 'fore you wrote t'us, 'bout those hellish waters, there for a reason, anyday and any season, jus' few know the reason,

watch that wave!, your suit swam away, waiting with towel, to cover the prowl, of eyes and wordz



Hey Soup, an almost identical edit of your comment appeared at cecilevista's weblog. Are you two dating???

And why is your silly weblog, Soupdujourandmore, empty?? C'levista has an ever changing thrust but Soup' ain't bloggin' much. I'm confused. It's confusing. There are confusing things. 'Cept for one or two things it's all confusing and muddy like muddy waters.

This is a mystery. With spys and lies probably. There could be secret meetings. And misguided radical elements too. How exciting! Is it safe? haha. It's like a marathon. man I tell ya.

Some spys use telepathy. Okay. I'm thinking of something and it is someplace. I see it. I'm reaching for it slowly. Can you see too!?!

Think. It is right there.

Keep thinking...

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