Here's an msn conversation I had with my good friend, let's call him Abood:

Abood says:
ana a7mar (I am red)

Cinderella says:
no abood.. WE R BROWN
even I AM BROWN in Canada

Abood says:
lool.. Yeeesss..
what did u think?

Cinderella says:
ma adri (dunno)
i was under the illusion that arabs werent brown

Abood says:
arabs are brown..

Cinderella says:
that we've trespassed the colours and now only look at our sect

Abood says:
well they dont see it that way yet

Cinderella says:
so is it coming
Cinderella says:
give me hope that we arent the last ones living in the dark ages

Abood says:
looooooooooool.. ofcourse it is... ofcourse it is.. they just need to tell the difference when looking at us first.. lol..

Cinderella says:
it's nice to know there are different categories of Brown

Abood says:

Cinderella says:
let's disect the brown issue
maybe even write a scientific essay about it .. for the blog of course

Abood says:
lol.. lets not

Cinderella says:
its only for the blog abood
ya3ni (meaning).. it isn't serious .. and for a silly blog.. it's only for fun

Abood says:
lool.. well ur famous... i'm not ... I wasn published in alwasat..
but I have work now

Cinderella says:
Envious and Brown.. There cant be a worst combination. You know what happens when u mix green and brown don't you. You get black.. like all the black in the hearts out there!!!


Panu said...

Could you please tell me, which letter that number seven stands for? Is it 'ayn, or is it ghayn?

Panu said...

Is it the one used in the name "Muhammad"? I call it the "Muhammad H", to keep it distinct from the two others. If it is that one, it looks like 7 all right.

Mind you, I am going to learn Arabic, I really am...but I am still at the alphabet stage. :(

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

7 is for the Arabic H ...

sleepyniece said...

OMG, YOU'RE NOT WHITE!?! But You speaka da English. You're on the internet. Everybody on the internet is WHITE WHITE WHITE!

You're not that "ana a7mar head" who was so b'tchy and nasty last week? ARE YA? Playin' tricks maybe...?


Hahaha said...

silly, some people are around and alittle too busy to even notice the throws that confine the world's peasants. even some very fancy peasants!

back later ... playing catch up to 5 things right now and today is another lil' busy day!

ceci le vista said...

Is Silly silly busy? Or She just being Silly? Maybe Silly is being patient. This is a judgement call when it comes to adages.

"Haste makes waste."

"Good things come to those who wait."


"The big money is made fast."

"Speed is life." (fighter pilots)

"First one there get's It."

"You snooze, you lose."


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

peasants ?

hahaha.. can you elaborate some more please?

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