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I can't access my BLOG.. help .. Has it been saboutaged by people enraged with His Majesty the King's interview which safeguards the freedom of speech, particularly to writers and columnists like my esteemed self?

Is it a lashback because of my lack of stance towards the farcial Danish cartoons, not because they didn't annoy me, but because I didn't attempt to burn the Danish flag, didn't stop eating Danish cheese and didn't call for all the heads of the Vikings to roll?

Or is it because of some silly other thing I did or did not do ?

Help.. I can post .. but I can't see what I posted!


SillyBahrainiGirl said...

damn ..

It's finally working again ;)

SoupduJourandMore said...

Seeing things?

Dark clouds swept into the area. Well, it looked like dark clouds from inside the minivan. It was actually a billboard. From my position, looking up, it looked like a storm because I was looking up at it from inbetween the columns.

I could smell the trees, in the mountains, that were just behind that sign, in the distance. I laughed at that screaming advertisement. Let it rain, bring the lightening I thought. Inside was warm and comfortable and delightfully calm. The only reason to park there was because it was ten in the morning and this section of the grocery store lot was empty and quiet.

At least it seemed quiet till my eyes glanced past the curves of the wheel well carpet and saw that image of impending threat. As a former Art student I thought; with one gallon of pink paint that sign could be covered with the world's largest pink banana. It would be Art! I have credentials!

No time for that today. The van was going for groceries to make the mate lunch and I had to get going too. That billboard was a terri fying reminder of everyday frontpage kinda things...

Angelo Embuldeniya said...

SBG, there was some downtime on blogger/blogspot which was why you could post but not see your blog postings :D

Blogger staff have blogged the reasons for the downtime and how they plan on preventing it from happening again here.

BTW, the next time you have probs with accessing yo blog, check out status.blogger.com first :)

Oh and how's the wind chill treating the princess?


sume said...

Yup, I was going nuts the whole evening because I kept getting a 'you aren't authorized to access this server' type message. I was happy to see it was working this morning.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Me too .. All the blospot sites were down.. It was sheer misery spending Saturday evening watching TV! I find the blogs more mentally stimulating ;)

Panu said...

Silly, we had the same problem up here in Finland, too. Nothing to do with them cartoons - I was posting about something entirely different.

Panu said...

By the way, have you ever tried a Danish fruitcake, chocolate-covered?

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