News of the barbaric attack on the Golden Mosque in Samura, Iraq, was shocking but didn't entirely take me by surprise. It is the aftermath of the blast that we have to deal with now.. of Muslim blowing up another Muslim and Shia and Sunni mosques reduced to rubble in a stupid battle between mindless factions, whose only goal is to see Iraq sink deeper and deeper in the mud.

For me personally, Iraq has a soft spot in my heart. As a Shia, I share with my people the feeling of loss and injustice they have suffered over the ages. As a human being, I really don't want to witness the start of yet another civil war in our part of the world, or any other part, for that matter.

I was really touched by the overflow of emotions by people in Bahrain and the large crowds that gathered to express their pain at the destruction of the shrine I visited as a child.

Once again.. everyone feels strongly for his religion.. Let me paraphrase that, in case I get shot: everyone with a religion feels very strongly for it. But maybe, just maybe, we need to be a bit tolerant of other's views and beliefs and try and co-exist peacefully, in a world which still has a place for black, white, red, yellow, brown and all the colours in between.

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ceci le vista said...

Your message; Well said.

Warfare in Iraq, my impression; It has been a controlled Civil War since the outset. There are probably parallels in history but maybe not. This is the postsoviet era and enormous uncontested power hovers over Iraq.

Nevertheless, as violence takes lives and destroys sacred places, the infrastructure in Iraq continues to be built and Iraq will continue to have elections. There is a future. What lay inbetween is what we see now.

YOUR point is again Well Taken. There is another future where the ideas you express will trickle down to the masses around the world. What lay inbetween is what we see now.

shultze said...


IMO,this so called civil war(has it started?) is just another effort by enemy of Islam to break Islam apart.

So I just hope and pray that the people of Iraq will remain steadfast and not fall into this gigantic trap.

BTW good article and nice blog!:)

AG said...

Amen -- from your mouth to God's ears. (Enjoy your blog greatly, BTW.)

Alessandro_PPG said...

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Admin said...

SBG - you are a woman, a human being. Whether you are a Shia, and whether the Shias are all " my people" is something you have to deal with in your head.

When we put ourselves in a bracket of this and that, there is a lot we are sacrificing and forfeiting in this world.

Trust me, peace is one that you are forfeiting the most.

If peace is worth living for, no religion is worth dying for.

shultze said...

"If peace is worth living for, no religion is worth dying for."

If peace is really worth living for,no war under whatever excuses,for whatever side is worth fighting for.

TI3GIB said...

"a stupid battle between mindless factions, whose only goal is to see Iraq sink deeper and deeper in the mud"

Do you think that you have the right to say this ? .. Mentioning, that you have the exact same problem ? Shia and Sunna sensativity ...

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