I don't see what the fuss is all about? Given my background and my religious upbringing, I really don't!

Someone pinch me please and tell me THE CARTOONS issue is snowballing to serve another sinister interest please, because I don't see how the Muslim and Arab and Sunni and Shia and all the over lapping yet too opposing worlds have united in such a force over two weeks to call for:
1. An apology from the Danish Queen (hehe), eventhough the poor woman has nothing to do with the cartoons
2. Boycotting Danish products, although the Danish cows had no control over what is published in papers
3. Jihad against Denmark - and I won't even get there!

Yes, the cartoons were offensive and ridiculous to say the least but all this drama have brought them more to the forefront than the people who drew and published them ever thought they would. Everyone, including Saeedi, now knows about them and have seen them, which did more damage than good, considering the fuss that this created, and the feelings of anger and disgust they provoked in the hearts of the believers, even those who curse Prophet Muhammed's household from the pulpits of mosques!

They have also distracted the Arabs and the Muslims overall from their own problems at home, where a lot of UNISLAMIC practises go on every single day, right in front of their very noses, which they have no balls to confront them, from the unIslamic tyranic regimes which rule them with an iron fist to the whoring corrupt officials who have a say on how they live their lives, run their businesses and even to a certain extent define their relationship with God.

I know I won't add much to all the arguments going on almost everywhere about The Cartoons, but I want to remind you all of the fuss made over works like The Passion of Christ and Da Vinci Code!!

A world of a difference indeed!


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