A land for every Bahraini?

Sounds promising but with all the Bahrainis and the Neo-Bahrainis, plus all the wannabe Neo-Bahrainis who will soon become Bahraini, there will sure be a lot of damage to marine life.

But who cares about fish, when all that poor people want to do is live a dignified life, with a roof over their heads and a deed to a home, they can call theirs.

It is such a great feeling to own a home. Tell me about it, for I am yet to own the home of my dreams. I don't know whether it will be in Bahrain though and it doesn't matter really, because in my will of all wills, I will make sure that I am buried in Bahrain, my Bahrain, my Wonderland, where my silly spirit will continue to haunt all the unbelievers, those who under-estimate the power of the silly.

Will there be space for my last wish to be granted, presuming of course, that every citizen, even the not so national ones, each gets a plot of land? Don't know and don't want to get there... but please preserve a place for me in the Manama Shia cemetery, near all the dear and near ones! Shia cemeteries are more fun, besides I will get visitors during the Happy Hour every Thursday!

Back to the land issue. I really am excited. Seriously. A land for every citizen..wow.. But citizen should have really been described more carefully.. so that women don't get their hopes really high up.. because in our world, our mad mad world, citizen refers to MALE species only! Those who have evolved and shed their tails are not exactly put on the same pedestal.


Ali Abdulemam said...

سؤال حيرني وانا أقرأ مقالك هذا ، لماذا كل من سمع بأرض لكل مواطن، ذهب عقله إلى أرض متر ونصف في متر للقبر؟؟؟

لم تكوني الوحيدة التي فكرت في نفس الفكرة، كما لم أكن السباق، كثيرون من اصدقائي فكروا في نفس الفكرة واكتشفنا أنها محل توافق بيننا، فالجميع لم يذهب عقله إلى ارض للسكن بل للقبر وكأن الخطاب الملكي بقدرته الفائقة على التنبؤ بالمستقبل قد تنبا بأننا مستقبلا قريبا سنحتاج إلى اراض للقبور

هل وصلنا إلى مرحلة متقدمة من فهم الخطابات الملكية وعرفنا أن

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I am sorry if I sounded so ungrateful.. but as an ARAB woman, why should I aspire anything more than a free plot for a grave in my own country?

Sans said...

Hey Silly,
You are being blasphemous. Man was created - how many times have this world screamed at you that no one evolved, not you, not me, not the emperor without his clothes... all were made... oops created one way or the other! Whether there is enough land for all who were created, oh well - that is not blasphemous. Silly Sans

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

oops.. I did it again!

sume said...

Slightly unrelated, but...I was complaining to a friend of mine from the UAE about how women keep getting the short end of the stick. She said, "At least you get the short end, we don't any of the stick."

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hehe .. women and their sticks!! Brilliant!

bint alshamsa said...

Marhaba ya Silly!

I certainly hope that you get your wish. As for me, I will be buried near my mother's mother and all of her side of the family. That is my wish. It is a beautiful spot surrounded by trees and grass and plenty of wildlife. These things are important I think, except I shall probably get my wish before you do. Ahhh, the privileges of dying early...I will say hello to your family and tell them that you are well...provided I make the cut and get to that little paradise spot folks are often talking about, that is.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hehe .. hope you get your wish as well ;)

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