My daily Google search for random things, in my ever-dying quest to dig up dirt, took me to uncharted waters ;)
I stumbled across this today!
hehe.. hilarious.. really..

I write short stories as a hobby and I have seen, and been in, a lot of sexy, weird and erotic situations here in Lebanon and in other Arab countries. You, and I am sure many other Westerners, would be shocked to know what happens behind closed doors in Arabia. Arabs are intense when it comes to sex in private. There are Saudi Sheikhs with billions who suck the toes of Russian prostitutes in Dubai and get whipped on the ass— princes who have four wives and ten lovers and fuck the Fillipino maid on the side— horny Lebanese girls who live on Acid and orgies— Kuwaiti she-males— Bahraini lesbians who come to Beirut in the summer to taste teenage Lebanese mountain girls— Egyptian bellydancers who fuck corrupt politicians— women shrouded in black who are married to Islamic fanatics but fuck their Pakistani drivers. Though sex is taboo in public, in private the possibilities are unlimited.



LiB Team said...

it might be humorous but there actually ARE a lot of Bahraini lesbos! I know a couple but no need to mention names lol, but we do have info regarding that! not to say that we're into it LOOOL but we do know names as Bahrain is so small and such "true" rumors circulate a lot!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Susie Bright is a good place to start if you are interested in erotic literature written by and for women. The website Clean Sheets is a repository of some of the best. "Do women write erotica different from men?" is a question I have been trying to answer for years.

Lesbian women are every where. And then there are the much large group of women that have found sensual comfort in some same sex behaviour. In societies where male/female relationships are lightly regulated, I suspect same sex behaviour is common.

What are "mountain women". I can't resists suggesting there are "mountin' women and women being mounted, in a lesbian relationship;)

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

hehe ...
Pebbles .. You have such a VIVID imagination.. "mountain" women refer to women from the MOUNTAIN region of Lebanon..a spectacular place. I don't remember seeing Bahraini women frolicking girls there.. and frankly speaking, wouldn't have paid a toss had I seen that happening!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Lib team..
yeah .. lots of them out there .. They have given up on men, I suppose ;)

Nas said...

looool that was the funniest thing ive read in days!

p.s. because of the title you're going to get like 1 million hits from the arab world in the days to come :-P


This is just the type of amoral behavior that started ALL the trouble!

The dependence on f oreign oil is bringing America to it knees fast and with a heated vengence!! The orgiastic practices described, in this topic, can only lead to one thing; More and More Orgies!!!

First people won't work. Then they won't fight. Finally society will collapse into an exhausted riverbed that endlessly follows a path downstream and under mines all with no concern for impo rtant things!!!!

I think Bahrain could be part of an Axiss of Evil !

Susie Bright said...

I'm so glad you cleared up that "Mountain Girl" mystery! I would love to visit sometime.

And I'm very happy it made you laugh... I still get the giggles reading it. I can't believe the amount of traffic that one particular post gets, but no one ever commented after the first day or so.

I was always hoping some real women from Lebanon (and the other countries he mentions) would read my post and give me some insight into that crazy guy who wrote me.

My thoughts were that although his descriptions were spectacularly feverish, they're probably true on some level, since after all, sexual diversity is a worldwide phenomenon.

Still, his "expose" says more about him than anyone else!

xo Susie

SillyBahrainiGirl said...


Glad you dropped by Susie .. It is a small world indeed!

As to the outrageous accusations he has made, well, maybe that's how he sees and experiences it .. poor man!

I assure you that Bahrain isn't full of lesbians after mountain girls, Kuwait has more men than she-males, not all Shaikhs want to suck the toes of Russian prostitutes; not all Russians are prostitutes and not all Filipina housemaids get laid!

Roonie said...

This explains a lot about my Bahraini ex. I am somewhat nauseous.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hey.... I am half a bahraini andbritish girl living in Bahrain... just returned from studying in Ausralia and I would like to know where to make connections in Bahrain in the lesbian community... I just don't know anyone here...maybe the girls should wear a sign arond their neck so we can identify them from the straight girls... can anyone help me out here... Im bored in Bahra!!!!

Rawaan said...

Hey there Sarah, try to contact me please, your profile is private.. I might have some information for you

Dana said...

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Dana said...

hey interested in what u were saying contact me on and we'll talk.

nikegirl said...

Hi! I am also looking for lesbians here in Bahrain. I'm a Filipino Expat who wants to find friends of my own kind. Thank you!

Susan said...

hi there.
my name is susan im bahraini i would like to meet people like me as friends.
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bigbootymona said...

Well,actually I am not 100% lesbian but 100% bisexual and would love to meet other Bahrainis lesbians and bisexuals for fun with me.I am white,very hot and sexy,tall and with lot of experience and in addition to my lust for women I want to meet with black men only (NON-ARABS ONLY) so if interested please email me now and we will exchange all necessary information.
I can visit you in Bahrain anytime as I live nearby.

Anonymous said...

hey it is actually interesting to fall on such blog! I am intrigued and would love to meet someone from up there! I was never silent regarding my sexual orientation with my friends, they know I wouldn't mind being bi and speaking about it.

Drop me a hello!


Anonymous said...

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