HawkEyes is watching... and waiting!

Or was it waiting... and watching!

There is a big difference between the two which I will not touch upon now because I really have to rush for lunch.

In one of his entries, HawkEyes summed up the situation MANY MANY REAL WOMEN in Bahrain face in a realistic manner.

He said: "The protest against such violent acts of injustice need not be peaceful. What is vulgar is not the language of protest, what is vulgar is the criminal mindset entrenched in the society - that women are sex toys. What is even more Vulgar is the impotence of the ruling class (including judiciary) - which fails to protect the weak."

Please take time and read his entries in response to my lunatic rantings over the annoyance women and girls get when they attend fairs.

Will elaborate later.


Rex Venom said...

Nice writings. I like the feeling of action. Like you are trying to really communicate something. I liked Bahrain when I was there years ago, but it must be different for a visiting male.

Admin said...

"Thou canst not speak of that thou dost not feel." -- Shakespeare

True, true, true. C'est La Vie!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Hey Fatboy!
I'm sorry I got side-tracked... will make u a project during the holidays! promise!

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