It's Friday...and I hate Friday.

Every Friday.

Problem is that I wake up early...and I stay awake while everyone is asleep. I read, I surf and I pick fights with my hubby!

I might go out shopping, but what's available in the shops here? I'd rather sneak off for a few days to somewhere not so far away for the after Xmas shopping!! Can't wait! But then, today's Friday. I don't want to get too excited early in the day.

I don't know what to do today: stay home until it's time to go to my in-laws for lunch? Go to the F3? Stay home and not go anywhere? Go to F3 and then go to my in-laws for lunch and then go back to the F3? Not go to the F3 but just go to my in-laws for lunch and then go to my grand father's house for the Friday get together? Go to the F3, then go to my in-laws for lunch, then to my grandad's for the gossip session, then meet friends in a coffeeshop to return home and change to be on time for that very important meeting I have to attend at 8pm tonight?

Why did I ever agree to have a meeting on Friday at 8pm?

You see.. so much to do on Friday, and every Friday repeats itself. What a waste of life!


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