What do you do when you are confronted with rude people?

Look, I realise I am not the most tactful of people, and I could be obnoxious at times!

What pissed me off today - and it does everyday - is when people call me on my personal mobile phone for work.

This usually happens during lunch break and after working hours. The most annoying phone calls are of course the ones which wake me up before the time alarm clock goes off in the morning!!

"Oh! We know you are not in the office so we thought we would catch you while you are free ...." the conversation will start.

Well, I don't appreciate contacts intruding on what little private time I have. And even when I am not at work, what right do they have to presume that I am free.

People usually get angry when I ask them rather politely to call me back on my office number.

"But I am talking to you now..." they say.

"Well, I don't give a toss..." I wish I could retaliate!

But my manners (in public, at least) don't allow me to "stoop that low." People also mix up between a person at work and in his private life.

Many of those people who are tense and stern at work are among the sweetest and most charming socially.

I guess I just need a break. I've had it with this place and with all those unprofessional children out there!


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