Happy National Day everyone!

No, I don't want a passport. I come from a family which has been smart or stupid (the feelings change from person to the other within the extended family) to get Bahraini passports from the minute the documents were first created.

They even had what was known as the Commonwealth passport, which the great grandfathers used to travel to better climes when the going got though on this calm paradise.

Passport or no passport, many people have a huge amount of loyalty and allegiance to Bahrain - the island - and its people.

Look at the number of expats around the world who have marvellous stories to say about Bahrain and its people, their humour and kindness and above all, their humanity.

You should agree that not many nations enjoy this status, and this is one of the many reasons I am proud to be Bahraini.

Having said this, there are low points to being Bahraini and when and if I have the courage to point them out, it is because of my love to my country.

I am not being patriotic today because it is National Day, it is a feeling and responsibility I carry with me 24/7.

Also, I just have a few minutes to go before I get ready to go to work (look at how bloody patriotic I am - working every holiday) .. so lemme get this rant off my chest so that the day goes without committing a felony which will land me into more trouble than what I am already immersed in.

Anyone has any idea how much the Ministry of Information spends on preparations and celebrations for this dear occasion?

This is just a question - no malice intended. No underlying hatred for the authorities, whom I work hand in hand with.

It is just a sort of curiousity which has consumed me since the world's largest flag fiasco.

A flag measuring 169.5m x 97.1m? Where the hell will you erect that, if you can get it up that is?

What will they do to it? Just what.. please tell me. I am dying to know.

After it was unveiled, on a dirt ground next to the National Stadium in Isa Town, it rained and rained and rained.

Did the red dye run on the white dye? What did those in charge of it do? Where did they dry it?

How long will it survive the heat and humidity and dust and dirt and grubby little hands which want to touch it like it was a green strand of fabric from Karbala?

What will they do with its remains..I mean the flag? The white, I understand, can be cut up and given as gifts for people to use as shrouds when they die. I personally would be proud of being gift-wrapped with my country's flag when I make my final journey..but what will we do with the red?

Also I have a technical question... what happens to people who step on part of the flag? Do they get punished for ... I don't know what?

This huge flag is another milestone in Bahrain's marvellous achievements on its path towards further prosperity and progress.

Considering that it was manufactured in China and paid for by MTC-Vodafone, it really is a monument of national pride to all of us Bahrainis on this auspicious occasion.

The Silly Bahraini Girl, though very confused about the flag, would like to once again wish you an enjoyable National Day.

Look, there is a parade, fireworks and a concert. That's all I can remember. I am sure you will find a way to make the most of the holiday.

While you are basking in this national glory, please give the flag a thought.


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