Feeling down?

What's wrong with giving in to fatigue and giving up on life once in a while - like what I am doing now? Problem is that this happens to me at the end of each and every single year.

I call this symptom the December Blues. I just feel so depressed and down. Nothing lifts my spirit - not even preparations for the festive season and New Year.

Every year I feel the same - what a waste of life!

A whole year gone, all 365 days, with no substantial achievements! Nothing tangible to show for the passing days except for more grey hair, anger and frustration!

Do I see a few wrinkles around my eyes and mouth? Great! This is what will make or break it for me! Do I now need to add the name of a cosmetic surgeon to my long list of doctors and shrinks treating me for real and imaginery ailments?

I just feel the futility of it all. Is it really worth it? What is the point of fighting depression and waking up and going to work? What difference do I make?

Yes. I am down.

No. I don't want to go anywhere fancy for dinner.

I don't want to go out at all just in case I bump into Saeedi or Maawada and they go to Parliament tomorrow and table a motion for having me covered up!


BB said...

Yo sis...

December blues hasnt hit me yet, mine tends to arrive after New Years Day.

Take a holiday, chill out or go to a nice spa

Do we all tend to start blogs when we are depressed?!? Thats what happened to me, now im not depressed and im not sure what to do with the blog anymore!! this isn't a good sign.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks. It always feels better to know that I am not alone.

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