In my previous post, I said: "Al Asala and Al Wefaq have joined hands to ensure that we go back to square one - to the pre-girls-education-era."

I can see Shaikh Adel Al Maawda of Al Asala and Shaikh Ali Salman of Al Wefaq tearing hair from their beards at this thought.

Oh blasphemy!!! How can the Sunni and Shia hardliners make a bed a sleep in it together?

Well, let me tell you how.

In October 2003, the Bahrain Family Leisure Company invited heart throb Ragheb Alama and sex bomb Nancy Ajram to stage a concert to mark the anniversary of one of their restaurants.

So far, so good! All was going as planned and tickets were starting to sell until one day the crow croaked in the Land of Dilmun, bringing untold horror and agony to the young beautiful Nancy, who thought she would find the flower of eternal youth away from the cosmetic surgeon's grubby hands here!

On that day, Salafi Shaikh Al Maawda raised the issue in Parliament and called for banning Nancy from performing her "lewd" acts in Bahrain.

Tickets were sold, guests have been invited, the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre has been booked and the very efficient Ministry of Information had already given its permission, so sorry Shaikh Adel, you should have expressed your reservations a teeny bit earlier.

The concert is to go ahead, with or without the blessings of Al Asala.

What happened next is from a horror movie, whose director is still at large!

The village boys of Daih and Sanabis and the nearby areas rose, burning tyres and throwing stones on all those people who wasted money on buying tickets.

Who said people can enjoy anything anymore in democratic Bahrain?

Those were very much Al Wefaq boys I would think. How come they supported the initiative of Maawda and Co., their archrivals, and caused mayhem which turned the concert into a nightmare to many.

Last month, those two joined forces again. This time they came together to promote virtue and squash vice!!

Salafi MP Jassim Al Saeedi opened his mouth in Parliament calling for segregation. On cue, a bunch of Al Wefaq die-hard fans (60 according to newspaper reports) rallied at the university in support of the motion!!!

I really don’t know what to make of this.

Both incidents follow the same scenario: Al Asala has a voice in Parliament. Al Wefaq is running gangs on the street.

Both are joining forces to drag Bahrain and all it stands for down.

I don’t know for a fact whether this is written on their agenda and I really don’t know whether they have an agenda or not but this is what any person looking from the outside would see: Two warring factions joining hands to cause mayhem and destruction.

May God bless their souls in peace!

One question now that we have established that they all sleep in one bed: who gets to get on top?!


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

as the situation and fancy demands I guess. the thing is the "love hate" relationship for them works to our detriment. we have seen it countless times either as you have intimated, direct collaboration, or one party becomes suddenly mute in the face of the other's fire and brimstone speach. that works too.

The Arab saying still stands true: my brother and I against our cousin; my cousin and I against the foreigner.

Marriage of convenience has been coined especially for these situations. Never the twain shall meet? Oh they do my dear lady they do.

Unknown said...

I am a journalist with The National in Abu Dhabi. I am coming to Bahrain next week to research an article about Michael Jackson's time there. Can I meet you please?

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