Why speak your mind when you have the option of shutting up and suffering in peace?

To know why I am frustrated, angry and on the offensive all the time, I would like to share a few things about my life with you.

This is a quick review but I will disclose more in the days to come.

I have thought about it for a long period of time and like most other bloggers in Bahrain, I will choose to remain anonymous. It will give me more freedom to express my true feelings and opinions, without worrying whether I am politically correct or not.

In a nut shell: I am a total nutcase and I admit it. I thoroughly enjoy it - every second of it.

Born under the sign of the Libra, I have problems balancing right and wrong and living with injustice. I just can't accept seeing other people hurt.

The current condition in Bahrain is starting to have its toll on me: the double-standards, the hypocrisy and the fact that the kingdom claims it is a democracy when it isn't.

I may have strong views about certain issues, but all this is what makes me who I am!

Who am I anyway, some of you may wonder?

I am a Bahraini woman: young, professional, career-minded and dynamic. The only catch is that I am not available. My knight in shining armour has kidnapped me and we tied the knot more than a year ago. My family was happy when that finally happened and they thought that I would just calm down and be the silly little girl they have always wanted me to be.

Problem is I just can't be that.

I am not a machine which can be switched on and off. I am a human being with a brain ticking like a time-bomb on my shoulders.

Sometimes, I wish I was a silly little Barbie.

Sometimes, I wish I was born a retard.

Sometimes, I damn the day I was given access to education and an opportunity to work and grow in my career.

What's wrong with being a silly little girl ask myself?

Well, on this blog I will be just that. I will rave and rant and scream and yell and shout and be myself – both the silly and the serious.

Nothing will stop me... until the police come knocking on my door!


Omar AlShehabi said...

sounds great! look forward to more rants from you.

Beware, though, blogging can be very addictive, and members of your family will wonder at why you are spending hours on end in front of a computer.

ahlan wa sahlan eb silly bahraini girl, ou enshallah etwanseeneh kilineh eb hathretech.

Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

yippeee! another one bites the bullet. The more ranters the better, we CAN fix this country.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks fellow bloggers!

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