I have always maintained that there are people born with class and others who are not.

Allow me to be blunt, please. Whether we like it or not, people belong in classes.
I know this will make a lot of people angry, especially the nouveau riche!

I swear I have to intention to create sparks and I do not want to antagonise any more people. I don't want to suck up to people either.

It is just that today was one of those days which did not want to end and I have to get it all off my chest if I hope to enjoy what is left of this weekend.

What added insult to injury was a phone call I got just as I was about to leave the office a little after 7pm (yes! on the Thursday evening, here in Bahrain)!

The caller was one of those wrong people who found themselves at the right place at the right time. (So many of them here!!!)

What made me laugh was that HE was using a patronising tone with ME and in not so many words was threatening ME that he can speak to my superiors to get what he was asking me to do done THERE AND THEN.

Well, fine, I told him. Please do speak to my superiors because my working hours are way over!

I was and am still irritated with his tone, the village slut!

Overnight, he was elevated from his grocer status to a DIGNITARY!!

And now he talks with an air. And drives a fancy car. And really believes that he is somebody!!!!

He seems to forget that all that he has achieved is only temporary and that his facade will fall one day and he will have nothing to fall back on - no class, no culture, no background, no education and NO RESPECT from people!!

His money and cars and titles will mean nothing! They already mean nothing because they came out of a vacuum and the man is hollow inside!

He did not use the fortune he found himself in overnight to further his capabilities and improve. The idiot can't string two words together without making you want to run to the loo to puke!

He tried to intimidate me… and I told him to try with someone else in as many words I could manage without losing respect for myself - for speaking to him and humouring him is also a waste of time.

What irritated me most was that he believed he was somebody - and somebody who commanded respect and had authority. Authority, fine! Many people have lots of authority and zero respect. But respect? My foot!

Now, don't get me wrong. I have nothing against poor people. The fact that he climbed a slimy path from rags to riches means nothing to me.

Many people did that (minus slimy of course) and there is no harm. I am not against development and against people aspiring to achieve better things for themselves.

In fact, I am all for it. I encourage it and over the years, I am proud to say that I have pushed many young people to go out there, stand on their feet and conquer the world. For a young clean mind, sky is the limit; provided people are armed with ethics and a strong solid upbringing.

But this slimy creature… Well, there is no use wasting more time on him or others like him.

What I am trying to get across is that class and culture, behaviour and manners are born with a person and don't come with a flashy car, a mansion and sending your children to a private school!

I know this will sound strange coming from me after all the foul language I have been using over the past few days, but the fact that I am anonymous on this blog has given me has made me grow wings, claws and a sharp beak!!
I wonder whom I will strike on next?


BB said...

heheheh well at least u didn't use the F-word once :)

although you don't half come across as snobby or like you belong to some superior breed:) no offence, maybe its just the tone. I thought i was fiery, ive met my match!!!

Im from a village and I don't appreciate your anti-village brush-stroke comments. It is extremely derogatory to your fellow countrymen. What exactly is class in Bahrain? All that exists is a few well-known families and a mass from not-so well known families. We don't have a defined aristocraty or bourgoisie or working class. Who was Hajji Hasan Al-aali, wasnt he some villager who got rich? I can name a few more if you'd like.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

I've nothing against villagers. It is just an expression:"village tramp." I am sure you know what it implies to.
I am also sure you already know that villagers are Bahrain's doctors, lawyers and engineers and first students to go abroad and return with degrees and knowledge to build and develop Bahrain and make it what it is today.
Also, you must know that the handful of well-known families in Bahrain have all come from villages - way before Manama ever existed.
Correct me if I am wrong.. but isn't saying I am "originally from Manama" something relatively new? But then, how would I know? More on that after a one-to-one meeting with my grandfather or father-in-law.
The first is a Manama-boy and the second is originally from the village, who went to school in Manama before travelling abroad for "more" studies. He then returned to Bahrain and settled in Manama with his brother - as their business was located there!
So you see. I have no reason to ridicule MY people.
I just want to see them use their potential in better ways. More on this later!

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