I know it isn't really breaking news because I am posting it many many hours later.

It is just that I would like to document an important achievement of my many many kind and noble gestures and I would like to take credit for it!

Congratulate me.

I have succeeded in my mini-coup. A small reward to workers, I know, but the act means that employees have a role to play in ensuring that they are being treated with respect by their employers.

Remember the National Day holiday fiasco? Well, employers didn't want to upset the Cabinet and at the same time did not want to lose yet another working day by giving their workers the day off. Everyone was biting his nails and waiting...waiting.. and waiting. But no one would dare make a decision. When they made a decision, it was a last minute decision which asked the poor souls to go back marching in a straight line to work on Sunday. I still can't figure out why it took them so long to decide how to run their businesses.

Well, it was a day off at work today - at least in my department. All the other departments were up and running - except for mine. It was on a skelaton staff - just enough to deal with emergencies!! I stood my ground and insisted that because we did not give staff enough notice and because everyone had already made plans for the Greatest Piss Up before New Year's Eve, I wouldn't ruin their dear celebrations. Sunday would continue to be a holiday.

And boy am I excited!! I feel it is a small victory in terms that employees are respected as human beings and given advance notice about when they will work and which days will be counted as holidays.

The fact that I worked throughout the holiday is irrelevant. My job makes it necessary that I go to the office everyday I am able to get out of bed. I accepted that when I accepted my position.

But I am happy for my colleagues! Hope they have recovered from their hangovers.


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

I just told them that - like me - they'll be too bored with such a long holiday, and as the CoC (chamber of commerce) said that sunday is on for the privates, that they are better off coming to the office, and come they did.

am I a bad person? not at all... I saved my employees from boredom!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Maybe I did not spell it out properly.
It is not a question of going to work or not. I have very strong ideas about work and work ethics, which don't seem to mean anything to anyone here.
What I am really concerned about is the total lack of respect for workers across all levels.
Why can't holidays be announced in advance?
With Eid and Ramadan, I understand, a group of blind people should see the new crescent with a naked eye. But why can't holidays calculated following the Gregorian calendar be clearer?

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