Everyone's gone to the Autumn Fair!

Autumn Fair my foot! Why would I want to go there?

I have never been part of the herd. I have always always been the black sheep.

Last year I went there with my teenage sisters, and for some obscure reason all the men were on high testosterone doses and made our shopping spree a nightmare.

The place was full of villagers - not that I have anything against them. You should have seen the way they looked at us - even my sister who religiously wears the Hijab. I swear it isn't her fault she is fair with freckles on her face. You should have asked my forefathers and great grandmothers what sins they have committed to create a breed which oozes sexuality and

There were even villagers there who tried to touch us up thinking we weren't Bahrainis. Like that is a good reason enough to terrorise women!

They can go back to their villages and do the same to their mothers and sisters because in our book such behaviour is UNEXCEPABLE.

Not every girl who goes to the fair is game. There really are nice things there which I wanted to see and buy - but no thanks.. I just can't stoop so low!

The ladies only timings are the times when I am glued to my desk at the office and I can't indulge in what a woman is born to do - spend her hubby's hard-earned cash!

What to do? The time is not the time and the age is not the age. We are at the age of political reform and freedom and those morons have no better way to show it than to scratch their balls everytime they see girls in a public place.

Well what are they trying to prove beats me because as far as I am concerned they can bend their dicks backwards and stuff them up their asses. If they have dicks to begin with, that is. I know that would give them more satisfaction than touching teenagers and rubbing themselves against them.

The mother fuckers belong in a cage.

The days of the State Security Law were an exciting era for them - they must have had enjoyed the BUTT FUCK.

With democracy and freedom, they are lost and don't know what to do. Those are the same morons who stand every Friday behind their Imam chanting to Allah for forgiveness. They are the same guys who go to Hajj thinking that Allah would wipe away their sins. And they are also the same guys who go to Syria and Iran seeking temporary Muta'a marriages.

Don't know what is happening to Bahrain...but here it is! Stay locked indoors because if you have any respect for yourself going out is not worth it anymore.


BB said...

What and you think your some superior breed cos you use every single obscene word under the sun? Grow up woman.

sume said...

Hey, cute Hello Kitty. Isn't mace or pepper spray available in Bahrain?

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Dear Bahrania,
I am sorry if I sounded offensive and obscene.
You are right. I should tone the article down, which I will do once I am home ;)
I should also lower my expectations and just accept things the way they are.
There is no need to be angry and call people names just because they choose to touch girls in sensitive parts of the body and press themselves against them.
I realise that some girls do stir such reactions but not all girls visiting fairs want to be bothered.
There is no reason to rant and voice frustration and anger about why such youth waste their lives doing nothing of any value.
Afterall, they will grow up and out of this.
Then there will be a next generation, followed by another and life will just go on!
Things will never change anyway. They will just continue to get worse.
If there was repect in the past for the fact that a woman is a woman is a woman, that today has gone down the drain because women are not ready to stand up for their rights and demand that they be treated with courtesy.
However, I realise that by antagonising people I am not achieving anything positive.
Yes.. I should grow up!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Ethnically Incorrect,
Mahmood doesn't like the Kitty. Glad you liked it!
Thanks for reminding me about my pepper spray!
I should see where it is buried.
It should be expired by now and I don't think it will be effective on the specimens I am talking about!
They need some of the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) Saddam is accused of hiding from the Americans!
Now that is not a nice thing to say..I better shut up if I have nothing good to say, I can hear my mother saying. So, for once, I will listen to her!

Admin said...

Morality seems to be an issue here.

Bahrania said, "What and you think your some superior breed cos you use every single obscene word under the sun? Grow up woman."

Interesting views on Saudi morality expressed by Bahrania in her entry "Live and let live"

I guess the issue between the two women is all about - on whom the morality should be applied on. The bunch of horny Bahraini Villagers - who should shag a sheep OR the fornicating Saudis on Exhibition Avenue. ( I am sure the silly girl is not blonde enough to claim that all villagers are on a high dose of viagra, Nor is Bahrania trying to claim all Saudi's are sexual perverts.)

These sexual perverts are indeed a disgrace to humanity.

Morality has always been a luxury for the rich and a bane for the poor.

I came across someone naming Bahrania an Islamist... wonder what that means or implies in today's world. Would she be the new axis-of-evil?

"The Prophet unintentionally looked at a woman and was aroused. He went home and had intercourse with Zainab. He said, 'Woman faces you as Devil. If you are affected by her charm, have intercourse with your wife because she has the same thing as the woman who affected you."' (Tirmzi, Vol. 1, p 428)

Or shag a sheep. Shaggin' a camel is stretching it too high!

Bahrania, language is the fossil remains of a culture. Language is supposed to liberate people. I think Silly Girl was trying to let go of the humiliation every decent human being feels when fondled or even touched. Even Chanad agrees how violated he felt when the Saudi driver fondled him when he was 14.

I am glad that people are using blogger to express freely. And in this expression comes the real liberation of people, from the clutches of autocratic empires and feudal mindsets. Democracy, for whatever it is worth, is only good when people believe in freedom of expression of others.

If someone uses all the profanities in the world, would that mean he/she is of a superior pedigree? There is no such thing as a superior or inferior person. There is something called decency. And when a woman's decency is attacked, it is not fair to expect her to be decent when she expresses her anger.

It is not her disappointment at being fondled in the public (not by the fondling fathers of Philadelphia, which would have made her richer by a few million dollars) but the sheer expression of the boiling anger in her.

If people cannot express their outrage - in a language that helps them, then what's the point of language?

Is someone going to tell me that even Language was Created by A God, and that no language in this world ever evolved?

Come on, Bahrania... You could express yourself better than being restricted with the Moral diktats and doctrines of whatever you believe in. You cannot wear my Morality - cause morality is a personal thing like Underwear. I am a fat guy, weighing a little more than 105 kilos, I am sure you would end up looking a lot more vulenrable wearing my morality underwear. Similarly, the world would laugh if the fatman wears silly girl panties.

Enjoy the freedoms of expression of this wonderful blogworld.

I like silly girl and Bahrania blogs, it tells me a lot about the outrage a woman feels in Bahrain. Keep the words raining.

BB said...

I see your point HawkEyes. I dunno, it just seemed very vulgar to use these words. However if SBG is using them to vent out her true frustration and is restricted by the size of her vocabulary then I welcome her views by all means. However, I don't ever think you should stoop that low. Anyways, I couldnt help but feel that she added a few tonnes of spice to her story. My advice would be, if someone touches you, give them the biggest slap right there. Get hold of security and press charges.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Well written. Well thought of!
I wish I had the patience to think before I open my big big mouth or take a deep breath before I speak!
If I had that, I wouldn't be where I am now.
As for Bahrania, I have nothing more to say! You happen to be a guest here ;)
Stoop down to my level!! Oh, PLEASE!

Admin said...

sbg: thanks for visiting my blog.

Bahrania: We all see things, just that we differ in how perceive. We all living beings have been conditioned by the circumstances we grew up - and what we live in now - to set the standards of morality (in this case - you found SBG's aggressive words *very* vulgar)

I do not recognize words as vulgar or holy or whatever. Words are words... And when the likes of the bard makes most of the free, liberal world of words.

It is the intent of the words spoken that makes it noble or vulgar. I just cannot understand how polite we could even discuss such violent acts like rape, female circumcision, the war in Iraq, the cold murder of Rachel Corrie by the Israelis, or even the attempts to privatize/corporatise drinking water in South America. Mind you, poverty is a systematic human rights violation.

There has to be a certain level of hyper energy: May it be anger or compassion, to achieve social changes - to change the status quo. Like them or hate them: Castro and Chavez - fighting the American imperialism OR Gandhi and Mandela - who could turn a national hatred to love and compassion for the enemies.

It is not frustration what a civilized person feels about the Beslan school tragedy. It could have been your child or mine - I shudder at that thought.

Through centuries now, girls and women have been tradable commodities in the Middle East. They are assets owned by men (may it be father or husband). Women have been subjected to injustice - the historiography of the Arab female tells us so. If you disagree, Bahrania, you are one of those very few lucky ones.

The protest against such violent acts of injustice need not be peaceful. What is vulgar is not the language of protest, what is vulgar is the criminal mindset entrenched in the society - that women are sex toys. What is even more Vulgar is the impotence of the ruling class (including judiciary) - which fails to protect the weak.

It doesn't really matter whether the protest against injustice is civil or 'vulgar'.

Amartya Sen once said: "The first and the most immediate contribution made by the doubts and the protests is to bring some important but often neglected questions into focus. It is important to recognise that the question-mongering role of doubts can itself be creative and productive."

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