Yes...another year wasted. Literally wasted.

All 365 days gone, with no tangible achievements.

When I look at myself in the mirror, all I see is new wrinkles, a silver lining around my forehead (won't admit it's grey hair) and excess weight.

Great! I have been taking good care of myself, you see!

It has been a year of turbulations and the lastest human tragedy - look at how selfish a human being can be - is truely a befitting end to a year which started with tragedies and ended with more heartbreak and suffering for millions of people.

While the selfish me had no concerns (that's not really the truth) over the last few days, other than securing a table over-looking the dance floor for New Year's Eve, millions will usher the New Year grieving over their losses as they come face to face with the scope of the tsunamis.

A Sri Lankan woman was quoted by the world news agencies as crying: "Why did You do this to us, God?" after the wall of water crushed her life, hope and aspirations.

Is God really to blame for all the atrocities that man has committed?


Mahmood Al-Yousif said...

So sorry you've had a less than average year SBG. Hey look at it this way, 2005 MUST be better than 2004! So there is hope yet.

As for the Tsunami damage, this is all God's doing. No man was involved in this, unless you want to blame Bush for it (the bugger didn't sign Kyoto so that must have been the cause of the earth quake and the subsequent tsunami due to global warming ;))

sume said...

LOL, silver lining. I like the way you put it and I was thinking you were one of those 20-somethings. Youth is in the soul, eh?

Man is responsible for man's actions, it's called free will.

Michael Kennedy said...

A: Keep up the excellent work. You are a fabulously gifted woman. I have long admired your writing, and your spirit. Based on your photographs, you are quite attractive. However, when I first glimpsed you at Mad House in Tubli late last spring - you took my breath away. Actually, you left me speechless - a rare accomplishment. I will always admire you ... don't lose your optimism.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thank you all. I am humbled ;)
I realise that it's all from within.
I need to change a few things in the way I live and react and care.
This will make life easier.

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