This is a story of how one Arab eats the flesh of another Arab.

I will post some parts of it here .. but if you really get the chance please read it and pass it on to other people .. just to show how cruel some are towards the miseries of others..

And please remember this story every time you see a Jordanian mercenary member of our esteemed police, special guard or defense forces.. for very soon we will be treated with such contempt in our own country...if it isn't already happening that is.

From the bottom of my heart - shame on you Jordan. Thanks for showing your true face!

I will leave you with extracts of the post above:

As the date of My wedding anniversary becomes closer , I decided to make a surprise trip for both of us , me and my wife , to celebrate our anniversary for 3 weeks in Jordan.

I was so happy also because I have been saving money for this trip for a long time, and I would be able to have some romantic time with her away from the explosions and the hell in Iraq.
In the morning of Tuesday we took the airport Taxi and got there after being checked million times , we waited for the plane and I was expecting it to be delayed as usual

we waited from 6 am till 7 pm when the airplane arrived and we got on board , the trip took one hour and we were finally in Amman / Jordan.

After all this wait, did he get to enjoy his honeymoon?

Of course not...why should he.. he is after all Iraqi!

Here's what happened:

In the Jordanian airport we waited in hall to meet the intelligence officer, who will decide whether we can enter Jordan or not, I wasn't afraid and didn't worry because I used to go to Amman every summer, and so did my wife.
Then it was our time to meet him, everyone told us that we should not tell him that we own a flat in Amman, and we shouldn’t tell him that our parents are there, that way he will know that we are not staying there for good.
We walked to the room after our names been announced, and then he asked his first question, why do you want to come to Amman? I replied , We want to spend a vacation here , he answered , people are dying in your country and you want a vacation , Why not if I can afford it , I have been in the danger too , I want to spend 3 weeks here to have some rest and a vacation , I replied. Then he asked whether I'm a Sunni or a Shiite and many other annoying questions. Then he told us to wait in the hall. We waited for about 3 hour

all of us were waiting , then an officer came to us and told us that we aren't going to enter Amman in the most humiliating way of speaking , and walked away I tried to talk to him but he closed the door in my face…..I was so angry of the way he treated us , we are locked in a small room now , and my wife is scared of closed places , she was so scared and she began to cry hysterically

After an hour of my wife crying , her eyes are so swelled now , then another humiliating officer talked to us like we were dogs :"get the hell out of here , and go to that room" he pointed , we walked and we saw a dirty corridor with blankets and 3 small rooms , you will sleep the night here , he said. He pushed all of us and locked the door

all of us were so scared from the idea that we will sleep in a jail for the first time in our lives for no crime we did , just because we are Iraqis , why does everyone treat Iraqis like this , we are humans , we aren't aliens , we are not animals to be put in jail for no crime

I have never been treated like this all my life , may god have our revenge from them. Now I remember at Saddam's times when the Jordanian students come to Iraq and study for free and the government gives them flats and pocket money as to encourage the so called "Arab Unity" what a comedy! They have the priority in applying for the universities in Baghdad, Saddam gave Jordan oil and electricity for free, now I was so mad, but I didn't on whom should I be mad; of Saddam or of Jordanians? Saddam wanted good relations with them so he did that, and that's the way the treat us, I wish the time could go back, I wish.

someone came with food packages, he threw them on the floor and left. I swear I will not eat that food, people started to eat, it was 1am and we were so tired and sad, my wife asked me what will we do will we sleep on these dirty blankets on the floor with all these people? I assured her that I will not sleep a moment here , I can stand it , you may sleep and put your head on my lap it's clean

At that night 6 young men came to the "Jail" they were going to Turkey they used the Jordanian airport as a transit , they booked in the airport hotel and paid for it , so when they came into the "jail" one of them asked the officer :is this the hotel? The officer laughed at him and told him yes, this is the five star hotel that you have paid for, and he closed the door.

In the morning of Wednesday she woke up and so did all the "detainees" in the "Jail" and that's when I took the last two pictures, the first one was at night. then another rotten guard told us that we might sleep another night here , because there has been a sand storm in Baghdad's Airport and the planes can't fly to get us back , at this time and for the first time I felt that I'm going to break down , I felt a huge weight on my chest , I felt my eyes will blow , I felt like I could kill one of them . I can't stand another minute here , I can't take it anymore , no one and no words can describe it , no one can feel it unless he was there , all these people treated like this and no one can do anything to stop it



Mahmood said...

That must definately be quite frustrating. The question is: What do you do with these kinds of people?!

Anyhow, I just hope that people in Iraq could unite together against their common enemy (and no I DID NOT mean Jordan).

Hareega said...

It looks like you forumlated you opinion on Jordan quickly. If you read a little bit of history you'll find out that more than 60% of the Jordan's population are refugees. Show me one country in the world including the US with this number.
That's a very high percentage especially for a very poor country which does not produce a single drop of oil.

omar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
omar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SillyBahrainiGirl said...

LOL! Thanks for hanging the messenger!

Hareega said...

messanger? reading the title of the entry makes me sure you're not a messanger. Think twice before you insult a whole country

Esra'a said...

You know, it's kind of embarrassing to see people completely taking this post out of proportion. It's normal to jump to your country's defense when it has been wronged but it's not normal to ignore its mistakes. There's a line between pride and being downright shallow, and certain posts above certainly fall under the latter.

Grow a thicker layer of skin and learn how to deal with criticism instead of pitifully justifying these abuses. Problems need to be addressed and no one thus far has actually addressed them, instead of saying "I dislike your approach but share your disgust with this situation," you go and justify it! If you truly loved your country you'd be the first to stand up and say "this treatment is wrong." Apparently you'd rather see human rights abused and people humiliated because they are most likely terrorists.

Is she against refugees? No. She is against their treatment within the airport. So, dear nationalists, stick to the topic at hand and stop making shitty excuses for things Jordan, oh sorry, I mean CERTAIN JORDANIAN REPRESENTATIVES (warning! this may also be sensitive to extreme nationalists) are guilty of.

Like it or not we all have the right to criticize what we see wrong and if your country is associated, then you should do the right thing and represent it in the correct manner rather than... ehm ehm, shooting the messenger.

Oops am I going to get shot for this one too? Who gives a shit? At least we don't run around saying "omg dunt critizy our cuntry u stupids!! ur not messenger ur bad person i am prud to be arabz in fact sadam iz great!! btw ur pst is bad."

Sigh. Typical collectivist bullshit.

Esra'a said...

"Apparently you'd rather see human rights abused and people humiliated because they are most likely terrorists."
And yes, I was being entirely sarcastic here. Maybe when you are treated like an animal someone else will justify it claiming that you're a threat to security; a terrorist! Shock and awe.

Mahmood said...

"I do believe in ARAB unity and not just knocking down the Iraqi ruling family to have another IRAN (take a hint)"

Thank you for clearly demonstrating your unbelievable lack of knowledge and sheer stupidity.

Jameel Hijazeen said...

O.K. what happened in the airport is a real shame. But does that mean that you to generalize what happened to all Jordan and Jordanians? To forget all the good things Jordan did? (don't you think that ,a country that doesn't have enough water for its people, did make a big sacrifice by receiving hundreds of thousands of sudden refugees? Not to mention the originally fragile economy?)

Ask yourself the following question: Is there any difference between the above title and those who took advantage of the 911 attacks and started promoting the idea: "All Arabs are terrorists? Weren't (19) Arabs responsible for those attacks?" Aren't this title put you in the same people with those people?

Does this single accident, and even 10 more, justify forgetting all what had Jordan done? Someone out there will go and say: "Jordan did nothing!" To this I say, what did the rest [equally-responsible ] Arab countries do? Was Jordan somehow responsible for the misery of the Iraqi people that it should be responsible for all the consequences?!

Last but not least, can you tell me what did the rest capable Arab countries do to help displaced Iraqi people?

P.S. I saw that some comments are deleted, was that because they disagree with you in your point of view? If my comment got the same fate, then I believe that I can guess the answer. Thanks!

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Dr Jameel for your comment.

Let me start with the most obvious, I didn't delete the comments on this post.
The comments have been deleted by the author who posted them and not me.

As for all the fuss about me attacking Jordan, I didn't want to be dragged into it although I am glad to see that it created an outcry and people like you are acknowledging that the treatment Iraqis get at Queen Alia's airport is a real shame.

As to what other Arabs are doing, I hang my head in shame and admit that they aren't doing much.

Unofficial reports from Bahrain claim that my country has taken in a few hundred Saddamists to squash internal dissidence and change the demographic composition in Bahrain - to offset the Shia majority.

It is the same policy which brings many of the rif raf and criminals from Jordan we interact with in Bahrain on a daily basis - mercenaries who work with the police and defence forces and who have not an ounce of humanity in them.

Moey said...

iraqis caused nothing but troubles to jordan, why don't let them come to your country and ruin its financials

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Moey..Sorry but that wasn't the subject of the post.
The post spoke about a humanitarian situation and the wide abuse of human rights by Jordanian authorities at your airport.

Moey said...

that's how our airport looks, can't you get some wasta and do a new one for us, incase ours doesn't suit your iraqi friends.

ahmed said...

Yes, it is wrong to generalize on an entire country, and me as an Iraqi living in Jordan I have not met many difficulties and in fact a lot of JOrdanians are nice, but this is what people do, those Jordanians, those Iraqis, and it's quite understandable when you're frustrated and abused. The issue at hand is not if they are not letting people in, but the manner of treatment like someone says, this also goes to the way they beat those people celebrating the Iraq win over Saudi Arabia, you could disperse the crowds much more nicely, and get a good rep for your country. Exchanged insults will only lead to childish fights and another 'proud' demonstration of Arab Unity.

The Observer said...

It is a shame on the police at the Queen Alia airport! You dont have to bash a whole country who have been the lung of the Iraqi people for years.

Yes, we are entitled to critisize the authorities and the inhuman situation at the airport, but it is a lie to say that this is the true face of Jordan. The true face of Jordan is not this. It is generousity and tolerance to every other human being.

Maher said...

This is so sad ..
do you know why?
because your
first sentence says "This is a story of how one Arab eats the flesh of another Arab."

and so did you with this post! period!

Unknown said...

well i read the story and briefly went through t the comments,

i really feel sorry for the guy and his wife, and if I were him i would complain to the media and make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen to anyone else, and our officials are quick to respond to media covered incidents "sadly".

but to disrespect Jordan and its people is something shameful and indicates the lack of taste, respect and spine.

Jordan is the land of destination for all Arab refugees, and yet we welcome them with all our hearts and have them share our resources with all the mess they do to our country and our economy.

The Jordanian people are real men and women with pride, honor and dignity, don't blame them for mistakes our government makes, so please remove ur silly blog title.

at the end i would like to say shame on us Arabs attacking each other like dogs when we should stick together and blah blah blah.

Unknown said...

Shame on you actually for isulting a whole nation that did more than enough to help Arab refugees! Would you be happy if I bash Bahrain for the actions of some people and not all? And by the way, quite ironic that you form an opinion without knowing what it is really like to receive almost over 700,000 Iraqis over a short period of time in a small country with a fragile economy.

Have some decency and objectivity for God's sake.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

emmmm... are you done with insulting and bashing me for no other reason than commenting on a specific humanitarian issue?

My comments were specifically related to the issue at hand and the post, which may be about the treatment of Iraqis in Jordan, is really all about the mercenary Jordanians employed in OUR BAHRAINI police force.

Try taking a chill pill before going on a rampage and calling me names... Thanks for showing me your true colours!

Jameel Hijazeen said...

First of all, I would like to thank you for the very nice respond. Concerning my not polite question, the one about the deleted comments, "Shame on You JAMEEL"! I thought that the "Deleted by the author", refers to the Blog owner. Sorry again.

However, and sorrowfully, I was deeply shocked by the last comment of yours, the one about "showing your true colors". I totally disagree with you in what you have said.

First of all, I won't enter into the maze of judging what is an insult what it isn't among the comment! I really find no comment that can be called with this description. In addition, and most importantly, If you believe that some comments are an "insult", can you tell me what word can fit the above title [Just the title, not the content of the post!]?

What is more, who blamed you for commenting on 'a specific humanitarian issue'?! If my English won't fail me, no one in the post said anything against the incident in the airport. Almost all of the commenter objected to the title, or at least alluded to it, just the title, not what the 'humanitarian issue' which you say that you are discussing?! For example:
(Hareega) said: "It looks like you formulated you opinion [on Jordan] quickly..." Obviously indicating to your not innocent generalization. Later on he said: "Think twice before you [insult] a whole country"
(Konfused Kid) said: "Yes, it is wrong to [generalize] on an entire country..."
(The observer) said: "You don't have to bash a [whole country]... ", Later on: "Yes, we are entitled to criticize the authorities... [at the airport]"

And the list goes on and on... I am not defending all the comments, but my point of view is the following: Imagine the airport incident happened in Bahrain, what would your reaction if someone came up with a similar title: "Shame on You BAHRAIN" Won't you be furious and angry? Wouldn't you respond with such criticizing comments and even more sharp ones?

If your post is: "Really all about the mercenary Jordanians employed..." Can I know why are you still allowing such an extremely hideous title to pollute your beautiful Blog?! If I ever came up with such an offensive title, do you know what I will do? I would have probably be stubborn and refuse to admit my mistake! But, fortunately, I know what Ghandi once said: "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." I believe that correcting mistakes is also, the attribute of the strong.

Thank you again for your earlier response. Best wishes.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Again Dr Jameel, Thanks for your comment and insight. It is always a pleasure to deal with someone who exhibits intelligence and is ready to give and take.

Will changing the title of the post make everyone happy? I don't have a problem with that as I am not stubborn nor arrogant -- though I still don't see the reason for the outcry. Will a title like: "Thank You Jordan" be of satisfaction to everyone? I think that the latter title would be more insulting and show real malice, especially when I get getting comments from readers along the lines: 'Thank you!'

Had this situation been in Bahrain, I would have been the first to cry out loud: Shame on you Bahrain, as I have done on many occasions before.

My love and affection for my country certainly mean that I have to point out our mistakes and air my opinion about them. Otherwise, I am not a worthy citizen.

Had the writer of this article been Jordanian, I certainly wouldn't have seen as violent an outcry.

I am not against any reader who took offense in the title and expressed his/her anger about the post. In fact, many are bloggers whom I respect and follow their blogs on a routine basis. I am also happy to see them stand up for their rights and come to the defense of their country and their beliefs. What surprised me most, however, is that a comment which was specifically related to a particular incident was blown way out of proportion for absolutely no reason.

Back to the story of the messenger --- instead of stoning me, let's take a closer look around us and try to focus attention on human rights abuses and see to it that perpetrators are given their due.

We are a proud people. Humiliation kills us more than weapons and stones. Let's not drag our noses in the dirt ..

Jameel Hijazeen said...

Hey! I really like the way you respond to the comments posted in your Blog. That is why I am still posting for the third time.

Whenever someone do something, he/she should do it based on a conviction. Was my asking to change the title because I want to be happy? Because I don't like criticisms? Because I am a person who is believing in: "We are a proud person. Humiliation kills us more than weapons and stones.."?

Of course not, as many of the comments said, the objection is on the generalization. To stick shame to all Jordan. No one said that you should tolerate the incident, no one defended the (people) responsible for that. Did any? I can't find any comment demanding such a shameful demands!

As I said before, and I am saying it again, do you tolerate those who promoted the: "All Arabs are terrorists!" Just because 19 Arabs were involved in the 911 attacks? Don't pass this question, try answering it, is it fair to generalize the single incident of 911 (the airport) to whole Arabs (Jordan) ?! I do believe that you will not tolerate the generalization of you and I being 'terrorists'. as I don't tolerate your calling Jordan, and eventually who make up Jordan, with... And the most important point, your accepting sticking shame, sorry: terrorism, to Arabs, doesn't mean that you are defending the 911 attacks!!!

Concerning your stating that you will be the first to say: "Shame on you Bahrain!" I really can't get it?! How can you punish a whole country for the wrong doing of a person or a group being a citizen of it?!

The bottom line, my objection is not on how the criticizing should be, nor whether it is your right to put your opinion or not, nor that you should be saying good things about my country. Absolutely No. My objection is that your making [Jordan] responsible for the notorious incident, as you have displayed it: “Shame on you JORDAN”.

Many and many thanks...

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

The bottom line, my objection is not on how the criticizing should be, nor whether it is your right to put your opinion or not, nor that you should be saying good things about my country. Absolutely No. My objection is that your making [Jordan] responsible for the notorious incident, as you have displayed it: “Shame on you JORDAN”.

Dear Dr Jameel,
I get it. Thanks for showing me light in your courteous responses. And I profusely apologise to Jordan and all Jordanians for the human rights allegations being committed against Iraqis in their airport.

I never thought of it before how much harm such a generalisation could cause how I shouldn't have jumped the gun and labelled the whole country for the inhuman bahaviour of border guards at the country's main airport.

I hang my head in shame for my arrogance and ignorance and not being able to differentiate between a country and its airport.

Since you are the only voice of reason in this thread, please let me know how I can make amends.

Jameel Hijazeen said...

I was totally perplexed and bewildered by the way you acknowledged the distressing generalization you made. You not only said that you are ready to correct your mistake, but also, called yourself "ignorant" & "arrogant" -la sama7 Allah . My mind stopped working so I sent messages to two of my wisest friends to consult them what to do!!! 'cause I really was overwhelmed by your modesty.

However, Just minutes ago, I stopped and told myself: "Who are you to tell such an intelligent, knowledgeable, and most importantly, open-minded person how to correct a mistake she made (unintentionally)?! I can't! You certainly know how to deal in such a situation, and can certainly figure out what is best to do.

Thank you for giving me the chance to give-and-take with a person like you. It is really my first time to participate in a Blog discussion. That would not have happened if you were like some Bloggers who are very arrogant that only give others a chance to agree with them. Thanks again and again.

Bassam Sebti said...

When Jordanians were studying in my country Iraq, we considered them our friends and min ahl ilbait, as we say.

Now, this is how they return the favor. This is how they say thank you for the free oil and electricity Iraq used to provide them with. Alas! And they call it the "Arab Homeland". Hopefully one day Iraq withdraws from the so-called Arab League which has no role but to be a kiss ass of everyone conspired against our new Iraq.

Mazen said...

my friend told me about this article and he told me to read it and asked me for my opinion...Ok.
first of all, I think you are free to express your opinion about anything and you are free to say anything about Jordan. You have all the right to be upset and truely If this thing happend with me in Iraq or in any other place I would do the same thing you did.
secondly, you can't blame them for their conduct...When more than 60 innocent man,woman and child die because a group of iraqis bombed a Hotel two years ago (and I don't mean that all iraqis are terrorists).
finally, I want to remind you and Mr.Treasure of Baghdad that Jordan has accepted more than 15000 iraqi student in its schools this year and it exactly treats them like the Jordanian students(by accepting these 15000 student there will be about 50000 iraqi student in our schools).and don't forget that iraqis have a special treatment in our hospitals(they get a special discount).

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Mazen. Again, it wasn't an attack on Jordan. It wasn't personal. It is something that is happening and should be addressed.

Again, it isn't just Jordan abusing Arabs at its borders.

Let's get down from our high horses and call a spade a spade.

Unknown said...

Hi there,
I am a Lebanese filmmaker and news producer based in London. I have been covering the story of Iraqi refugees for many months now, and currently I am trying to put together a film about the treatment of refugee at borders (across syria, jordan and lebanon)... I would really appreciate it if you would be interested in speaking to me about the debate sparked by your blog... You can see the work I've done so far on
I hope to hear from you.
All the best,

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