According to news reports, Jordan has banned the sale of chicken Shawarma, following a number of food poisoning cases.

From the bottom of my heart, well done Jordan. I think all Arab countries should take the lead and follow this shining example of how a country strives to protect the health and welfare of its citizens and all the refugees which live in it.

If I recall correctly, we had a similar incident in Bahrain -- on a much smaller scale.
According to the GDN: December 25, 2005:

Twelve-year-old Bahraini Ali Hussain Ali Ghuloom died after being admitted to the Salmaniya Medical Complex for food poisoning. His mother, two brothers and sister had all become ill. Health inspectors thought the source could have been milk which the family had drunk.

I didn't see any follow up reports about milk being banned in Wonderland. Shame on you Bahrain!


Ammaro said...

Sorry, im going to have to disagree here. That's totally ridiculous; you don't go and ban a certain type of food because there was a case or two of food poisoning. That's not fixing a problem. Milk for example; you don't go and stop milk, people need it! What is supposed to be done is stricter enforcement of rules placed on restaurants; and this doesn't just include shwarmas, this includes every type of outlet serving food. You don't go out and ban the shwarmas of the world and totally ignore the samboosas and so on, which could very well contain worse types of poisoning. Sounds like the Bahraini way of doing things; don't like something? Don't bother working a way of making it better, just BAN it!

ButterflyBahrain said...


It was a kind of sarcasm, I don't think that SBH meant that Bahrain should ban milk.

Admin said...

There hasn't been a fatwa against the chicken shawarma.

SBG is being smart here. The topic is clearly not on "banning or unbanning."

If you go through the original news item, you will find this explosive part: "In a related health development, Jordan's health and water ministers resigned last month following the outbreak of hundreds of cases of waterborne diarrhoea and fever."

Ministers resigned. Go Jordan!

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