A friend of mine just commented: "I am fed up with all the fighting going on online."

emmmmm... that sure is a tough one, especially since I have personally just been involved in fueling an online spat which triggered into an online war between Iraqi and Jordanian bloggers.

From my humble experience, I feel that some blogospheres just need a spark to go up in flames. Bloggers are citizen journalists who hang their emotions on their sleeves and key in words, which sometimes come from the heart. Those scribblings aren't feelings which are weighed or calculated and thus edited and censored.

This makes it important for us all to step back and consider a few difficult scenarios. If it wasn't for the keyboard and Internet, how would those human beings interact with each other on the ground? Would there be brawls and street fights or will we go back to the dark ages and have sword fights and dagger stabbings?

Sigh! Whatever the end result of a cyberspat, at least people get to walk away unscratched, although they sure would remain bruised emotionally and concerned about the direction humanity is taking for a while...that is, until the next cyber face off. That is when all the masks fall and you see the real faces of people.


Ammaro said...

Lets just say people have a lot more balls hiding behind words on a screen. And yes, they don't usually weigh the effect of what they're going to say, or think of how it might sound and who it might affect. Calm down people, chill, and take a real look at what you're writing before you click that 'post' button.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

You are right Ammar. It is amazing when you meet some loud bloggers in person and see how shy and subdued they are.
hehe.. It sure is easy to hide behind a screen!
But how long can the noise continue for?
How much shouting and no listening can go on?

Unknown said...

Oh SBG, worry not, people are simply timebombs waiting to blow up in your face, so this will fade away, just like everything else does with time...

What is so funny, is that the whole issue revealed how some people who claim to be liberal, are so full of hate and prejudice.

But anyway...

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Pheras!
I think you are right.. and we should move on :)

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