I have made it a policy not to intervene in politics - except on occasions where keeping quiet constitutes to being in on the crime; to separate between my different roles as a blogger and a journalist and a human being; to limit myself to posting about silliness and nothingness.. absurdities like acquiring a new camera or going on a trip or shopping spree.

I have learned to keep my mouth shut and my opinions inside me.. for while our Press is censored, our blogosphere is childish and lacks the maturity necessary to deal with it on an equal footing. Don't get me wrong. I love blogs and consider them an important tool to empower people and give them a voice, and here stems the reason for much of my work.. and no matter what children do to bully me .. I will continue to write what I want and say what I want to say and bullies have this to crash their heads on:

Happy banging children.. See you when you grow up!


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