This my fellow human beings in my work desk. Yes. It has wires dangling from everywhere. There are two laptops.. the one I use is the new one and the older one is the spare one. I need to have them both on because the new one has the new Vista and no one seems to be able to open any attachments I send them .. so I have to send all my articles and attachments to people using the old one. Also, the new one has NO Arabic fonts .. and the old one does.. so if I happen to fancy writing anything in Arabic .. and since I am practically illiterate when it comes to typing in Arabic.. I have to resort to the old one.. which, if you look closely, is on LIFE-SUPPORT and has a cooling mat under it .. because once it heats up, it simply freezes and dies.

And? And I am a complete wreck today.. simply because that fucking printer on the right of the picture refuses to cooperate with me.. and the new computer won't accept it and the old laptop has cut all diplomatic relations with it.. and since I desperately need to print out and scan a few documents and I can't ... I am feeling totally floored and flustered and don't know what to do.

One option would be to ask Mr Fix-it to help me out. But Mr Fix-It doesn't intervene to put me out of my misery until I completely break down and start crying and wailing and until all the people in the world hear my sobs. He won't lift a finger .. because he is simply too tired and is busy fixing the world.. and putting sick and dying people together. Me? The hell with me.. who cares?

Another option would be.. to simply get into my car and go and buy new toys and charge them on Mr Fix-It's credit card... But this too won't go well as he wouldn't mind me blowing his money on anything - until to comes to toys and gadgets because that is his territory and he is the one who has to make decisions on what printer, camera, television, telephone or flipping Wii accessories and games we can get.

How long has pissing about with the printer and scanner and connections taken me.. THREE DAYS. Have I succeeded in printing anything yet? Silly question. Try again. Look at the blank papers I get from that printer and you will see.

I am tired, battered, exhausted and fed up. I am also starting to get flustered because there is so much I have to do today and I still can't get started on anything because this situation is getting me down.

I am off to curl on the sofa and cry...

PS: I have read the manual. Everything is plugged in correctly. The electricity switches are on. There is paper in the printer. An ink cartridge as well. And I press the print option. OK? I am silly .. but not stupid..not YET.


Unknown said...

Sooooooooo organized. No cat would mistake your setup for his litter box
as my cat did with my open computer

Ammaro said...

Lol, frustrating, yes. I would come over and help out but you're a little over 5000 miles away, so i'll politely decline.

Anyhoo.. Your setup is a little more organized than mine right now. I just managed to move in to a new apartment, and my setup looks something like this; One laptop on top of the AC (a large split unit on the floor), another one on the bed, the printer on the floor, the modem next to the table, wires everywhere...

Uhm... Vista... Yeah, i'm not going there yet until everyone else starts switching and they start getting all the bugs out. For now, XP is doing me just fine. As for your printer issue; are you sure the cartridge hasn't died out? If not, uninstall your printer and re-install it. On the XP laptop please, don't know how well it's going to work with vista.

Oh, and you need a vacation far away from all forms of technology for a day or two. Will do you good

ButterflyBahrain said...

Your new laptop looks like HP Pavillion dv2000 (Vista) and this is the one I bought recently. I had the same problem as my old HP printer is not compatible with Vista but when I checked HP website; I found that I don’t need to install anything. Vista can switch to any HP printer very easily and without installing anything.

If your laptop is HP then check this link:

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks people :)
I managed to solve the printing/scanning dilemma ...but the new computer crashed and cannot be salvaged!

I get a blue screen with warnings on it...saying that a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to the computer....

Sigh! Not my lucky day...

Off I go to curl on the sofa!

Capt. Arab said...

seems like you have an emergency crisis.. in times like these you've got to get that old type-writer out.. Your problems are frightening, but could be simple. One thing at a time, it will all work out in the end.

SillyBahrainiGirl said...

Thanks Capt. Arab. Emergency crisis indeed. We were on red flag alert as I sulked on the sofa for two days!

Problem over now.. and I have learned my lesson. I won't attempt to print or scan anything ever again!

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